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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sleep Finally

Finally today I carried my assets to the doctor.  We have this local doctor that you go in there and tell him what's wrong and what you think you need and bam!  he prescribes it to you. I got Xanax so that will take care of the random drug screen of the other day...now I have a prescription.   I'm sure I have some underlying reasons why I am not sleeping but the only thing I cared about today was getting something to make me sleep then I will deal with the reasons when I am rested enough.  Needless to say after not sleeping again last night I was not prepared to go to work today so I made the dreaded appointment with the doctor.  My appointment was at 9 am and by 10 am I was in LaLa Land sleeping.  I didn't wake up until 5 pm.  I am showered now and feeling refreshed but in need of more sleep.  8 hours will not take care of the last 5 days of not sleeping.  I took another half Xanax and I'm feeling the effects so I will leave you all with heartfelt Goodnight and sweet dreams!

By the way....the news reports of the devastation from Katrina is heartwrenching.  I just don't know how long it will take to recover from all of this.  My daughter and husband along with my lil man are still here and have no clue when they will be able to get back.  The company that my daughter works for will be meeting tomorrow  (not at the office because they can't even get there) to discuss the plans of how to continue with the business.  The guy from her office that she wanted to get me a date with decided to stay in New Orleans and ride it out but no one can get in touch with him.  They are all worried but of course getting anyone on cell phones is damned near impossible...luck of the draw...networks are failing, etc.  Not a good situation at all.  Loved ones in desparate need to hear from families are having a difficult time.

Along with loss of  life which is the most devastating..people have lost so much and there were so many poor people in New Orleans that used the streets and their God given talents to make a living on the streets.  That was so much the charm of New Orleans..the historic feeling you had walking through the city...all gone now for a very long time...I am so saddened by all of it.  A way of life gone for so many.  They are a strongpeople and I know they will rebuild and be stronger for it.  God Bless them all!

Last I heard St Louis Cathedral did not suffer too much damage...a beautiful church 287 years old...I've been to mass there a few times and it's absolutely gorgeous! A tree fell on a statue of Jesus but he only suffered minor damage...lost a thumb. Just got to smile cause HE lost so much more for our sins by dying on the croos...so a thumb seems minor.  That was before the levee collasped so I don't know if the French Quarter where the Cathedral is has suffered flooding...I'm sure it has but hopefully the church will withstand it all...

God Bless you guys and please pray for our beloved New Orleans...and all who have suffered loss.  Thank you.

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