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Friday, August 5, 2005

Seeing Double


Another good story about my dear daughter....She has been working at this place of business since April and today she made a most startling discovery.  Somehow this story does not surprise me in the least since she is the same girl who didn't know the mechanics of a "see and say".  It appears that she has been working with a set of twins since April and just discovered that they are not one person but two.  She called me laughing hysterically but she says that no one there knows of her mistake.  The fact that she called them both Sean instead of one of them Shane was just taken as mistaken identity. She said imagine her horror when they both showed up together in her office today.  I can see it because I know her so well...her eyes probably got real big and her face probably took on a beautiful glow and it probably took all she had not to laugh with glee at her mistake. 

Here's a pic of that smile I'm so often going to speak about.

Let me tell you about my experience at the dentist office yesterday.  First off I have to tell you that I have a terrible habit of eating ice or should I say chomping ice.  I'm very polite about it and try not to do this in front of anyone.  It's an annoying habit.  Anyway...I have two cracked teeth that need crowns which I knew but the crowns or not pressing right now since my nerves are not close to being exposed.  That was a relief to know since I can't afford them at this time. The greatest part of this visit was a discovery that I never dreamed my dentist of all people would solve and has saved me a trip to a dermotologist.  I have been plagued these past few years with what I thought was severe acne on my chin area.  I've been using acne medication for what he revealed to me were fever blisters.  Lo and behold my DENTIST gave me a prescription for a medication to clear up my face.  Talk about a blessing until I went to fill the medication.  The damned stuff cost $104.00.  I will definitely get the medicine but it will have to wait until pay day.  Isn't that the craziest thing???


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dymphna103 said...

I am an identical twin so I can see the fun the twins had also.  The entry below really shows you havent changed much.  I have seen people after 30+ years and sometimes I dont recognize them......john