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This journal is a bunch of rants about nothing. Mostly lighthearted happenings in the life of a woman who is very simple and who wants for nothing but greatly appreciates whatever is given. You will find nothing profound here but hopefully something that will make you laugh and that's what I enjoy doing most. Being humorous. Fight all error, but do it with good humor, patience, kindness, and love. Harshness will damage your own soul and spoil the best cause.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

48 hours

48 hours...no I'm not talking about the news show....I'm talking:

Geaux Tigers!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update on Erotic Art

It seems the consensus is I should hold out for more money...no one seemed to give a rats ass about my morals.  LOL 

After telling the young gentlemen my answer  he so eloquently wrote me back apologizing:

oh, i'm sorry for asking, but you are really beautiful, and it'd be awesome to be able to draw, then paint you...it's not as dirty as you might think, it is really sensual. the nudity would actually be concealed by a blanket, shirt, or something of that nature, and there are no facial shots, it's purely for emotion...

I think I am now flattered but now my question is: 

Whose emotion?  His or mine?


As you all know I am on myspace.com and sometimes you get the strangest requests...this is a first for me..... coming from a 24 year old artist.

wouldl u ever consider modeling for erotic art? it pays $25/hr...

My answer:

OMG...that is so funny...no I have never considered it.. My moral values wouldn't allow me to do that.

I'm re-thinking this...$25.00 an hour??? Hmmm...morals? money? morals? money?   What do you think? LOL

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another night out on the town

Once again I ventured out on the town with my daughter.  She was in from LaPlace and her "second daddy" as she refers to him was playing at a local club called "Bob's Pub".  We ran into a bunch of people I graduated with and that were associated with bands that Brandi's father was a part of.  Way back when, I lived the  band lifestyle.  Going to clubs and meeting an assortment of people.  Last night I reaquainted myself with a few.  I heard the most profound statement coming from a girl I went to school with.  Seems her life has not changed much from way back when.  Brandi and I could not help but roll from the profoundness of it.  Here's the story:

Apparently this woman left her daughter and grandson to be with her fiance'. (not a big deal)  She informed Brandi and I that her fiance' died sometime within the last few months and in relating to us her return this is her statement: 

 "I am back from leaving

 OMG...Brandi and I almost lost it!

I know, it may not seem funny to you, but when you've had a few coronas, it was hilarious.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Keith Urban

I've never been one to love a celebrity but I can assure you I love Keith Urban and his music.  His new song came out...he made country music history...it is the highest debuting country song ever.  The lyrics...and the song...make you hope for exactly what he sings about...and damned if he don't make it seem possible with every word.


Once in a Lifetime

I can see it in your eyes
and feel it in your touch
I know that you're scared
but you've never been this loved

it's a long shot baby,
yeah I know it's true
but if anyone can make it
I'm bettin' on me and you

just keep on movin' into me
I know you're gonna see
the best is yet to come

and don't fear it now
we're goin' all the way
that sun is shinin' on a brand new day
it's a long way down
and it's a leap of faith
but I'm never givin up
'cause I know we've got a once in a lifetime love

everybody's lookin' for what we've found
some wait their whole life and it never comes round

so don't hold back now
just let go
of all you've ever known
you can put your hand in mine

and don't fear it now
we're goin' all the way
that sun is shinin' on a brand new day
it's a long way down
and it's a leap of faith
but I'm never givin up
'cause I know we've got a once in a lifetime love

I close my eyes and I see you standin' right there
sayin' I do and they're throwin' the rice in our hair
well the first one's born
then her brother comes along
and he's got your smile

I've been lookin back
on the life we've had
still by your side

so don't fear it now
we're goin' all the way
that sun is shinin' on a brand new day
it's a long way down
and it's a leap of faith
but I'm never givin up
cause I know we've got a once in a lifetime love

lifetime love




Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another date story

I have not bored you guys with a date story in a while so I’m long overdue. This one is very short and sweet.

I was supposed to have a second follow up date last night with a new friend that I met last week. He was supposed to call me and confirm the plans, etc. The only problem is I assume he lost my home number, all my email addresses, cell number and fax number. I’m sure he also didn’t know smoke signals nor did he have a pigeon because I did not hear a word from him. I’m assuming that I was stood up. Well this morning I know I was stood up because I received an email stating that he had family problems. I’m sure there is more to it than that OR he’d have used any of the aforementioned forms of communication to let me know this, but fear not J-landers, I did not let the night waste. I was fortunate enough to have a female friend who ironically also got stood up last night...I wonder if it is the same guy?

Her and I carried ourselves over to the Atchafalaya Club in Henderson. For those of you who can’t pronounce Atchafalaya....let me help you. A chaf a lie ya. (The "t" is silent) I know I should have been an English teacher.

Playing at the Atchafalaya Club was Travis Matte and the Zydeco Kingpins. www.travismatte.com  MY friend and I were in the mood for shaking our booty so we found ourselves a dancing partner. We did not mind sharing him but it was I who got asked for my phone number. So not all was lost! I don’t know why I bother but he asked so I gave it.

I quit drinking about 2 hours before I left because I knew I had to drive an hour to get home. I am not a big drinker and I’m very cautious about drinking and driving. When I arrived back into my home town  the APD decided to have a DUI checkpoint. Never in my life have I ever been tested for alcohol consumption. When they stopped me and asked if I had been drinking, I was honest with them and told them that, yes, I had drank two coronas about 2 hours previously. The officer told me that I would have to pull over to be tested. I had no clue what this entailed but I was getting ready to find out. Here is the ensuing dialog:

Officer: "Mame, please get your drivers license and step out of the car."

Me: "Okay Officer"

Officer " What do you have in that container"

Me " Sir, that is watered down ice that I got before I left the bar" Anyone who knows me knows I love to chew ice but the officer thought I was lying so he had to sniff it. Water indeed.

Officer: "Step over here I’m going to have to test you"

Me: "Yes sir Officer!"

Officer: "I need you to follow my finger"

Me: (I really wanted to pass the test!) : "Hmmm...Sir where is it going and would you mind giving me directions ."

He wasn’t amused.

I passed the test and even though I passed they wanted to know if I knew someone who could come and get me. I told him that I was stood up tonight and if I can’t get a date to take me out what made him think I could find someone to take me home?

The officer hollers at one of his fellow officers and says "Dane, you said you think you know her?"

Dane: "Yes, I know her!  I've seen her on myspace.com" 

Me:  "Thank you Dane and tell your mother I said hi!" 

Alleluia Dane you saved my ass from having to find someone to come get me.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I just got back from Mass...the 4 P.M. Mass is all comprised of elderly people. They are very amusing because they are hard of hearing and there whispers are very loud.  You can hear the entire conversation that they are having in whispered roars.  What is most amusing is when they are talking about you and they think that they are not being heard. You get some great insight into what they think of the younger generation and their tight jeans.  "Lord have Mercy!  That girl should be ashamed of herself coming into Mass with them jeans on!  Well I never!" (and you probably never will...)

  A person must also smile at, what they assume,  is the silent letting go of hurricane force winds and of course their sense of smell is no longer as acute.  Whoosh!  I can tell  you I'm still young because my sense of smell is awesome and besides moth balls that is the worst smell imaginable in church. 

God help me when I get to be farty and deaf.


I think my new side bar pic fits my personality better than all the others.  This is silly me.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!"



Saturday, August 12, 2006

Purple and Gold

It is now time to renew my Tiger Oath. I am counting down to kickoff

I , Sharlene, solemnly swear to do the following to ensure that I remain a member of the most passionate, intimidating, and sometimes scary fan base known to man. I agree to DO the following:

1. I will always cheer for LSU in sound levels that would make a banshee proud....and deaf. I will agree to do this whether in Tiger Stadium, at an opposing stadium, in front of a TV, at a bar/restaurant, or at a friend's/family member's wedding/funeral with strategically placed ear phones.

2. I will wear purple and gold to games. I will NOT, however, under any circumstances wear purple and gold camouflage overalls, pants, or hats.....EVER.

3. Speaking of not wearing camouflage overalls, don't wear overalls at all. If that's all you own, you might need to examine the fact that you might be a Mississippi St. fan or a member of Dexy's Midnight Runners.

4. I will continue to tailgate in a way that is representative of my school's perennial National Champions of Tailgating title. This means good food, good music, lots of alcohol, and great people.

5. When tailgating, I will not devote more time to the centerpiece than I do for preparing food. If this is the case, I might as well become an Ole Miss fan. They are big believers of style without substance.

6.. I will invite visiting fans to our tailgate spot and give them a hard time before taking them in as one of our own, feeding them, and getting them drunk.

7. I will NOT act in a way that promotes the negative stereotype that LSU has bad fans.

8. I will NOT boo our players while at games. I can boo college coaches and NFL players and coaches but NOT college kids. Remember, if they don't receive a paycheck, I can't boo them. I can, however, boo Alabama and Tennessee players because they all get paid.

9. I will not leave a game before the 5 min. mark in the 4th qtr unless LSU is up by 21 or more, and I/someone with me is: vomiting, bleeding, and/or stricken with hysterical blindness. Beating traffic is not a viable excuse until I reach age 80.

10. I will continue to believe that Mike the Tiger's roaring before a game has everything to do with his school spirit and nothing to do with a human in a tiger costume that Mike can't stand. (*ahem* ignore this part... I'm cute and fuzzy)

11. I will stop trying to start a wave. Waves are for soccer or Tulane fans.

12. I will cheer for our team on offense but only when the play is over, the team needs to be able to hear when in the huddle and when lining up for the snap. On defense, I will constantly scream at the top of my lungs, like a nine year old running from Neverland Ranch.


21 Days