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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Getting home drunk

I realized today that I could get very drunk on my way home from work.  I decided to count the bars between work and where I live  which is about 15 rural miles and 5 city miles. I'm amazed at the amount I counted and that does not include the bar/restaurant combinations.  (with the price of gas these days it's enough to make you wanna drink) I chose to count just the bars and/or drive thru places.  There were 4 drive thru daiqurie joints (how the hell do you spell that?)  Passing through the town of Maurice Louisiana  which is about a one square mile area there were  4 bars and one drive thru.  They also have two Catholic Churches...wonder why?  By the way I have to cross myself 3 times on the way home...you know us Catholics we have to make the sign of the cross when we pass a Catholic Church.   I also pass Luke's Mechanic Shop which incorporated into his sign he has "Pray the Rosary" . (I think that's so cool)   Well I'm just realizing with all the bars we need reminders like that to keep us safe driving.  Hell I have to pray the rosary on the way home just to stay out of all those bars I pass .  "...lead me not into temptation..."  Okay I regress..back to the count.  I counted a total of 20 which is basically one every mile and doesn't include Maurice...that one has a bar every 4th step.  I'm sure I missed a few hole in the walls but I think that's an enormous about of alcohol being advertised for consumption on my way home.  I'm proud to say I've only partaken in a few stops every great once in a while but only of the drive thru variety and they were all frozen virginal drinks...heeheehee....

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