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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Geriatrics Day

Today I visited my first Hospice patient.  She is 70 years old and in the last stages of Alzhiemers.  It was a very good experience.  I didn't know what I was going to say to a total stranger but God has a way of taking care of that.  She was in her own world and she talked up a storm and laughed at imaginary beings but I'm sure they were very real to her....and who the hell am I to say they weren't real?  She was conversing with angels!  Sometimes I wish I would be in her world.  I sat with her and nodded my head and laughed with her.  I'm going to go back Wednesday evening...She was a beautiful lady and her nails were all done very pretty.  You could tell that they make sure she continues to look her best despite her circumstances.

After that I called my 87 year old grandmother to visit with her. We went to church and after church we went have a couple of drinks at the local bar.  Let me tell you my grandmother is a go getter.  She could drink me under the table and dance me off the dance floor! I brought her home safe and sound!  A little worse for wear but happy as a lark!  Below is a pic of her and I dancing at my daughter's wedding.  Now this is around midnight and she's still at it!

Tomorrow I will be visiting my 93 year old grandmother.  I come from a family that lives forever.  At the age of 47 I have almost half my life left to live if they are any indication of longevity. 

Below is my 93 year old and I....Camera phone pic...not too good...but you can see what I will look like at 90....lol


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