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Friday, August 26, 2005

Going out

I got home today..took out my nice slinky black dress and stiletto heels.... was all prepared to go meet my friend Bill in Lake Charles at the casino before he took his final leave for Colorado.  I have been so damned ready to hit the town and have fun but then like an old maw-ma I decided I didn't want to drive to Lake Charles which is 45 minutes away.  The weather isn't too great and something tells me I'd best keep my rear home. It's been a long and emotional week and  I'm too much in the mood to get into trouble.   I told Bill that when he gets settled in Colorado to send me a plane ticket and we'll go out in the mountains.  By the way him and his new woman split up.  He's battin' a thousand!  Of course I have no room to talk but this time I've steered clear of men until my heart is healed. It's going on six months and I'm pretty damned proud of myself.  Usually I'd have already been deeply involved but I'm learning!  It doesn't hurt to be alone!  And it doesn't hurt to feel the pain without using someone to ease it.  I tried to tell that to Bill last night...just let the pain roll over you...feel it...it will not kill you.  It will ebb and flow...but until you feel it completely and come to terms with it...it will never go away...it will always be just below the surface.  He proceeded to tell me that women were stronger than men emotionally....now how long did it take him to figure that one out??  He's a damned architect..I thought they used both sides of the brain?  Here's a pic of him..the one I took for his Match.com ad.  LOL

He's a big bear of a man..6'5" and 240....some have said we look like siblings.  We have such a wonderful friendship and we are kindred spirits.  We used to email each other all day...it could start with a simple sentence and evolved into the funniest reading imagineable.  One time we went all day about shoes and the components of shoes...in relation to love. (Try to figure that one out!) Some men are "heels" and some women have "sole"...When  you are in love you can live on a shoestring...etc etc.  Sometimes he would start one verse of a poem and I'd do the next and all day long back and forth we'd converse in poem.   It was silly but fun. I'm going to miss him but with the internet we will be able to keep in touch.

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wkoetting said...

Hey ya little squirrel!   Bill here, and I see what you said.... heck, if I could only see what you saw then I would of not been so up and down...lol   I would not be on this see-saw of life.  Anyway, in reference to the shoe thing.... Your TONGUE, is like PATTEN LEATHER, it reflects the SOUL, and therefore your seem to HEAL, the TRAMPLLED, path we all TOE......

God bless you my little angel.... HAPPY TRAILS