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Monday, August 8, 2005

Dating Losers

I have just returned from the library.  I am thoroughly depressed now!  I came across a book entitled "How to spot Mr. Wrong".  They have the "controller", "the Mama's boy" and so many many  more. While browsing through the chapters and reading a few lines I realized they described every damned guy in the universe.  Oh but they were so helpful because they do give you advice IF you happen to already be in a relationship with any one of these types.  Oh thanks! Where was this book when I needed it??  Next I moved on to the section that I really needed after reading that book "How to survive being alone".  I quickly realized if I were to believe everything about the "Mr Wrong" book then I was definitely going to have to get used to a life alone.  I'm sure you guys out there also have the same kind of books to read about women.  I want to say one thing about all this:  No one is perfect and anyone who is looking for Mr. & Mrs. Perfect is going to live alone. We all have scars from our past that we are dealing with and out there for everyone despite our wounds is someone who will love us for everything we are and everything we aren't.  I shudder to think that because I'm defective in some way, shape or form that I am being depicted in a book as being someone to stay away from.

My heart can't take being single any longer....mowing the lawn is about to kill me.  LOL

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dymphna103 said...

Well sometimes with the right give and take, you can find someone.   john