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This journal is a bunch of rants about nothing. Mostly lighthearted happenings in the life of a woman who is very simple and who wants for nothing but greatly appreciates whatever is given. You will find nothing profound here but hopefully something that will make you laugh and that's what I enjoy doing most. Being humorous. Fight all error, but do it with good humor, patience, kindness, and love. Harshness will damage your own soul and spoil the best cause.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dancing with Grandma Benite

When I visit my grandmother in the nursing home, I always think I am going for her benefit, but it always ends up that it is my soul that benefits the most from visiting her. I often wonder why I do not go more often.

She is 97 now and imparts to me so much wisdom. She informed me today that she had a good life. You can see the pleasure of small things in her eyes. The memories of her dance. Literally.

I am so happy that I chose today to go visit. Her and I share the love of music and dance. The nursing home had a Cajun Band for entertainment and when I got there she was seated in her wheelchair enjoying the music. I sat down and she cried because she was so happy to have someone there to share the music with her. She asked me if I still went out and danced. I told her as much as I could but not as often as I'd like to. She looked at me with the most wistful of eyes saying "When we are young we dance and when we are old Pffft nothing!"

She wanted so badly to get out of her wheelchair and dance with me. All I could do was hold her hand and move it in rhythm with the music. Such pure joy in her eyes just to be able to experience that small consolation.
She looked at me and said "To be dancing in the arms of the man you love...I remember that!" She said that over and over throughout the songs, crying sometimes, I'm sure remembering some distant love. I looked around at all the old people in their wheelchairs and wondered what they were remembering.

Music seems to bring out the nostalgic parts of us all. Even I, who am young compared to their years, had many memories of dancing in the arms of loves. Such joy to be close to the one you love, moving in rhythm, enjoying the subtle displays of affection allowed on the dance floor. Beautiful.

I am blessed and I needed that little bit of heaven for my soul today, I assuredly always get it when I visit Grandma.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And some things do not pass...

The quarter decided to remain deposited and a surgeon had to remove it so my grandson could see what president was on the face of it....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Accidently Swallowing Quarters

Yesterday, my darling grandson, Matthew, swallowed a quarter. Matthew is now 6 years old so swallowing a quarter to me would take a concentrated effort on his part and it couldn't be an "accident" because he consciously put the quarter in his mouth or so I thought. I spoke with him and asked him about this happening and the conversation went like this:

Me: Matthew, tell Nammy what happened today?

Matthew: Nammy, I accidently dropped a quarter in my mouth.

Me: (amused) Now Matthew, you are telling Nammy a story. There is no way you can "accidently" drop a quarter in your mouth! You put it in it your mouth and "accidently" swallowed it.

Matthew (insistingly): Nammy, I did accidently drop it!

Me: (unbelieving) Matthew, tell Nammy how that is possible?

Matthew: (convincingly) Nammy, I was holding the quarter up to see what President was on the quarter and it accidently fell in my mouth. I fell backwards and swallowed it. I tried to get it out but I couldn't.

Me: (laughing uncontrollably)

Why oh why do I ever doubt that child? I, who was so sure there was no way you could accidently drop a quarter in your mouth, was proven wrong by a six year old. I have come to the conclusion that as it is with God, it is with children, all things are possible!

And this too shall pass...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am here

It was a long hard road here but I made it! I put my hardhat on and went to work! The transfer left me with about 8 blogs by the time it was over and a little research taught me how to delete them all. Thanks to all my followers for making the journey with me. Some of you I had no clue you even read me and now I feel an obligation to give you some trivial nothing to read!

To the left you will see me at work. Okay, I don't actually work on a boat as this picture depicts. We had the privilege of touring our new boat that was launched yesterday. I would give anything to be the Captain of this Ship and I truly think I missed my calling! I'd have made a damn good Captain! Captain Sam...what ya think?