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Monday, August 22, 2005

Randomly Picked

Okay trivia question?  What do the bosses son, the personnel manager, the receptionist and I have in common?  The correct answer is:  we got picked for random drug screens today.  Hmmm...in my mind I'm thinking "okay did you do any illegal drugs lately"  and of course the answer is "yes!".  I've been taking my father's Xanax to sleep at night. 1/4 of one knocks me out.  Well I told them about it but I don't think that's going to do much good when the report comes in.  What will I say to the doctor "oh I always listen to my dad"  and he said "here take these they will make you sleep."  Of course I couldn't tell my dad no.  Don't think that's gonna fly.  Well I could have lied and said "Oh I just took one or two BUT oh no!  They took a stupid hair sample too (big ole chunk...I'm surprised I wasn't charged for a haircut)  which goes back 3 months.  Now I'm really thinking...gosh what other drugs did I take in the last 3 months to help me sleep.  My mom is a veritable drug store.  She's hooked on pain killers, nerve pills and God only knows what else.  So in the last three months I could well have partaken in some other illegal drug gotten from Marie's pharmacy without a prescription.  Maybe I can convince them my name is Marie?  Damn why didn't they name me Sharlene Marie instead of Sharlene Ann. 

Anyway my new job may be short lived but hey:  I ain't gonna worry about it...God has it all taken care of the way he sees fit...I'm not going to lose a night's sleep over it...I'll just take that other half xanax left over from Dad.  LOL


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