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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Good Morning Everyone!  I used to love to lay in bed forever on the weekends but lately for some reason (I'm sure it's my thoughts) keep me from doing that.  Don't you just hate it when your mind won't let you rest?  Of course you know what they say about idle minds so I guess it's best I get my rear up and moving. 

Today my father and neice along with my daughter and her husband AND most importantly my little man are coming today. It's his birthday party tomorrow.  He is such an angel and I look so forward to his little arms.  He loves to hug me "tight tight".  He has this habit of playing with my hair and his mothers.  I guess it's soothing to him and he's done it all his little life.  When he wakes up during the night and he's sleeping with me...he will run his hands thru my hair and I guess it calms him into sleep again.  It's so sweet.  (sometimes it hurts though...LOL)

I'm glad this is the end of a pretty rotten week emotionally.  My whoremones should be back in balance pretty soon and I'll be back to my normal cheerful self for about two weeks.  Now you can all see why I'm single I mean divorced 3 times!  This time of the month I become a housewhore and I'm very difficult to live with.  My broom is never too far and I ride it often!  I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy if I had one of those which I don't.  I hate no one and plan to keep it that way.  Could you imagine the turmoil my brain would feel if added to everything else I feel that I had someone to expend hate upon?  What a waste of emotions!  

Well I'm off to get myself presentable for the world.  Smile God Loves YOU.

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