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This journal is a bunch of rants about nothing. Mostly lighthearted happenings in the life of a woman who is very simple and who wants for nothing but greatly appreciates whatever is given. You will find nothing profound here but hopefully something that will make you laugh and that's what I enjoy doing most. Being humorous. Fight all error, but do it with good humor, patience, kindness, and love. Harshness will damage your own soul and spoil the best cause.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I wish everyone a Joyous and Happy New Year. May God reign down his blessings on you and your family. May you all see the beauty within yourself and smile for all the world to see that, indeed, you are good!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drunk Driving

I kind of got hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light yesterday.  I walked away...Thank you God!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


My birthday Halloween Party celebration with my favorite people.


Friday, October 5, 2007

My 30 year class reunion.

I danced my feet off until 5 a.m. in the morning!  I'm good for another 5 years.



Thursday, September 27, 2007

30 year class reunion

Just stopping in to show you guys  the outfit I am wearing for my 30 year class reunion this weekend.  Spent a lot of time searching for just the right one.  Whoosh, found it just in time!!




Monday, September 17, 2007

The game

Proof that we did go to the game and we didn't just tailgate:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

LSU vs Middle Tennessee

I think I remember having fun!

My Angel

My angel, Matthew, started Cathecism (Sunday School Classes) today.  He knows it's a place where he is going to learn about Jesus so this morning he was all concerned and asked his mom:

"Mom, the teacher isn't going to be mad if I don't know anything about Jesus?"


Friday, September 14, 2007

Tailgating here I come!!

             L S U   





Thursday, September 13, 2007

Take Me There

This song by Rascal Flatts is a song depicting what I believe is what it means to truly want to know someone from the heart inside out.

There's a place in your heart nobody's been
Take me there
Things nobody knows, not even your friends
Take me there

Tell me 'bout your mama, your daddy, your hometown, show me around
I wanna see it all, don't leave anything out

I wanna know everything about you then
And I wanna go down every road you've been
Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live
Where you keep the rest of your life hid
I wanna know the girl behind that pretty stare
Take me there

Your first real kiss, your first true love
You were scared, show me where
You learned about life, spent your summer nights
Without a care

I wanna roll down Main Street, the back roads
Like you did when you were a kid
What made you who you are
Tell me what your story is

I wanna know everything about you then
And I wanna go down every road you've been
Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live
Where you keep the rest of your life hid
I wanna know the girl behind that pretty stare
Take me there

Yeah, I wanna know everything about you
Yeah, everything about you baby
I wanna go down every road you've been
Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live
Where you keep the rest of your life hid
I wanna know the girl behind that pretty stare
Take me, take me, take me there

I wanna roll down Main Street
I wanna know your hopes and your dreams
Take me, take me there

Sunday, September 9, 2007

my black grandbaby

What the hell is wrong with my daughter sending me pics of this??  Where's the love of my life?? This is Simon the Lab, my black beauty.


Something we all need to hear!

Shoes in church

I showered and shaved............. I adjusted my tie.

I got there and sat............ In a pew just in time.

Bowing my head in prayer......... As I closed my eyes.

I saw the shoe of the man next to me..... Touching my own. I sighed.

With plenty of room on either side...... I thought, "Why must our soles touch?"

It bothered me, his shoe touching mine... But it didn't bother him much.

A prayer began: "Our Father"..... ........ I thought, "This
man with the shoes... has no pride.

They're dusty, worn, and scratched. Even worse, there are holes on the side!"

"Thank You for blessings," the prayer went on.

The shoe man said............... a quiet "Amen."

I tried to focus on the prayer....... But my thoughts were on his shoes again.

Aren't we supposed to look our best... When walking through that door?

"Well, this certainly isn't it," I thought, Glancing toward the floor.

Then the prayer was ended............ And the songs of praise began.

The shoe man was certainly loud...... Sounding proud as he sang.

His voice lifted the rafters......... His hands were raised high.

The Lord could surely hear.. The shoe man's voice from the sky.

It was time fo r the offering....... And what I threw in was steep.

I watched as the shoe man reached.... Into his pockets so deep.

I saw what was pulled out.......... What the shoe man put in.

Then I heard a soft "clink" as when silver hits tin.

The sermon really bored me.......... To tears, and that's no lie.

It was the same for the shoe man... For tears fell from his eyes.

At the end of the service...... As is the custom here.

We must greet new visitors.. And show them all good cheer.

But I felt moved somehow............. And wanted to meet the shoe man.

So after the closing prayer........ I reached over and shook his hand.

He was old and his skin was dark..... And his hair was truly a mess.

But I thanked him for coming......... For being our guest

He said, "My names' Charlie.......... I'm glad to meet you, my friend."

There were tears in his eyes....... But he had a large, wide grin.

"Let me explain," he said......... Wiping tears from his eyes.

"I've been coming here for months.... And you're the first to say 'Hi.'"

"I know that my appearance........."Isnot like all the rest.

"But I really do try................." To always look my best."

"I always clean and polish my shoes.."Before my very long walk.

"But by the time I get here......... "They're dirty and  dusty, like chalk."

My heart filled with pain............ and I swallowed to hide my tears.

As he continued to apologize......... For daring to sit so near.

He said, "When I get here..........."I know I must look a sight.

"But I thought if I could touch you.."Then maybe our souls might unite."

I was silent for a moment............ Knowing whatever was said

Would pale in comparison... I spoke from my heart, not my head.

"Oh, you've touched me," I said......"And taught me, in part;

"That the best of any man............"Is what is found in his heart."

The rest, I thought,................ This shoe man will never know.

Like just how thankful I really am... That his dirty old shoe touched my soul.

You are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.

I respect you, and truly cherish you.

Send this to your friends,

No matter how often you talk,

Or how close you are,
And send it to the person who sent it to you.

Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will.

Remember, everyone needs a friend.

Someday you might feel like you have no friends at all.
Just remember this e-mail (journal entry)and take comfort in knowing that

someone out there cares about you..... and always will.

Geaux Tigers!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hush Little Baby

I have always been lyrically challenged so when my daughter was a baby and I'd sing to her,  I'd have to make up the words to the song because I did not know the lyrics.  There was one song "Hush Little Baby" that I sang to her using most of my own made up words. 

When Matthew, my grandson, was born, I continued singing the same song to him adding the very last verse just for him.  This song states everything (as in the original song)  that Nammy is gonna buy for her dear boy.  Singing it to Brandi for many years, she never and I mean never asked me for any of the things that I was singing about, but Matthew a few weeks ago innocently asked "Nammy, when are  you going to buy me all those things in that song?"  At this point, after having read the original song, I was sincerely glad that I never knew the words because I would not have been able to do what I did for Matthew this past weekend for his 5th birthday.  I will show you with pictures:

I had to give the diamond ring to his mom because boys don't wear diamond rings plus she deserved some of the gifts after all the years I sang it to her!


Ummm...boys don't wear dresses either so guess who got the dress?



Brought him to a Safari (pics follow)

(I didn't get a pic of this but it was a heart with the words "All Nammy's Love" written on it along with a picture of me hugging him)

The Safari Pics:

This was an 11 month old Kangaroo named Jack that was in a play pen with a diaper on.   They were able to hold it.  Talk about excited!

My own little Daniel Cook!

What a birthday Nammy!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My little Angel

My grandson, Matthew, started kindergarten today.  Brandi says he marched into the classroom like a professional student and never looked back.  She, of course, called me, crying like a baby saying her son had no qualms about leaving the nest.

She picked him up at 3 pm and called me.  I was anxious to hear about his day.  He gets on the phone and this is our conversation:

Matthew:  Nammy, I only want to tell you one thing. (this is his way of saying he's not in the mood to talk)

Me:  What? (I know what's coming)

Matthew:  I love you.

Me:  But, Matthew, how was your first day of school?

Matthew:  Nammy, too much happened for me to tell you everything.

Me:  Matthew, at least tell me one thing you did at school today?

Matthew:  We played on the playground.

Me: Matthew, did you make any new friends?

Matthew (exasperated)  Nammy!  I haven't decided who my best friend is going to be because I don't know all their names yet.  You wanna talk to momma?

Brandi:  He's finished with that. 


He wouldn't tell her much either and here we were waiting all day to hear his excitement.  Kids!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Love is sufficient of itself; it gives pleasure by itself and because of itself. It is its own merit, its own reward. Love looks for no cause outside itself, no effect beyond itself. Its profit lies in the practice.


- Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153)

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This coming week marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death.  The man was such a big idol of mine.  I was watching his 1968 comeback special tonight and damn!  that was a beautiful man!  To this day, I don't think anyone compares to his beauty.  He sang one of my favorite songs and I found myself crying as he sang it with such emotion.  It brought back many memories of my own.  I think we can all identify with this song in one way or another.

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine

Quiet thought come floating down
And settle softly to the ground
Like golden autumn leaves around my feet
I touched them and they burst apart with sweet memories,
Sweet memories

Of holding hands and red bouquets
And twilight trimmed in purple haze
And laughing eyes and simple ways
And quiet nights and gentle days with you

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine,
Memories, memories, sweet memories

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Matthew's Birthday Party

Pics of Matthew's 5th Birthday Party although he doesn't turn 5 until August 18th his party was this weekend.  The lucky lil man will have another party on his actual birthdate.  It's nice when you live far far away from family.

I will share with you a whole new perspective he gave me this weekend.  I bought a pair of pants that I planned to wear to his party but I was telling him after I took them off:

"Nammy will have to return these pants because they are way too big!"

He said "No, Nammy, those pants aren't too big, you are too small!"

Ah! What an angel!

The cake was made by his other "Nana".  Brandi's stepmom.   She bakes cakes and does a wonderful job with them.  Not only are they pretty, they taste delicious.  I, being the pig that I am, had to have a piece of each cake.  One was filled with raspberry, the other raspberry/chocolate and one was chocolate.


Matthew's other siblings...Michael and Mckenzie.  He also has a brother named Francis who he has never met.  His father is a busy man!

Nana the baker of the cake.  Matthew was out of wind by the time he blew out candles on three cakes.

The pinata'...do you think they hung it high enough in the tree?

Oh boy!  Finally!  Presents!

Ooh boy! See the glow in my eyes?  More presents!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have a friend named Derren who is quite a bit (10 years younger than I).  We met through Match.com.  He is one of the better experiences I've had with the service.  He loves to dance as much as I do and we find ourselves out dancing together and pretty much enjoying life.  Weeks may go by without us speaking but he always calls to check on me to see how I am doing.  He suffers from depression and anxiety.  He has every reason to and sometimes I feel that I don't have cause at all after hearing his story which I will share with you.

When I first met Derren, he told me that he was a West Point graduate in Marine Engineering.  I was very impressed with this but some things didn't add up.  He appeared to be challenged in many areas.  He spoke slowly and sometimes I'd start talking when I thought he was finished speaking and he'd say "Sharlene!  I wasn't finished!"  and I'd say "Well, Derren, you were silent for 20 minutes so I thought you were finished!"  We laughed about this later when he told me his story.

He had a wonderful promising career ahead of him when he fell 30 feet to a concrete slab while working in Metairie Louisiana.  He even laughs and says as he was falling all he remembers thinking is "Shit, this is going to hurt!".  He was fortunate to be near a city with one of the best doctors for the trauma he endured.  He was in a coma for two weeks.  He fell on the right side which caused some hearing loss.  I joke with him about having to walk on his left side so he can hear me and I know he's not interested in what I am saying when he makes me get on his right side. 

There was not a part of his body unbroken but he survived and had to relearn everything he ever knew.  Simple things like learning what a spoon or fork was. He knew nothing.  His social skills are limited but he is adorable.  Socially, he is 10 years old and this gets him in trouble with the women because he tends to do what 10 year olds do when they like someone.  Hounds them and makes a nuisance of himself. He did this with me at first but him and I have become such good friends that I know how to tell him when enough is enough.  The greatest thing about him is his heart.  It's so full of love that you can see it wanting to burst.

Derren went back to college and learned a new trade because engineering was too much of a challenge for him after his accident.  He accepts all of this but he gets depressed a lot because he had a lot of mental trauma from his accident.  He is always seeking to improve himself and he is truly an inspiration to me.

Derren always seems to sense when I am down and chooses that opportunity to call me.  Hecalled me last night with a new program he has found on depression and anxiety.  He is going to share it with me since he knows I can't afford to buy it.  This morning I got my first email from him summarizing some of the points he has learned.  He is such a sweetie!

Here is his email to me and he actually typed the whole thing for me:


Some of what I'm reading with that program.

Midwest Center

Week 1. flash cards
I can’t change the past.
I can change my attitude.
I can change my present.
This condition is temporary.
Knowledge is power.
I am intelligent, creative and capable.
I am open to learning new skills.
I am proud of myself for the changes I am making this week.
It is just anxiety.

I can’t control the wind, but I can control my sails.

1. Notice personality traits that encourage anxiety.
2. Begin to appreciate the positive side of our personality.
3. You can change the way you think.
4. Begin making behavior changes.
5. Begin journaling.
6. Slow down in all ways.
7. Begin an exercise routine and reduce caffeine.
8. Recovery is a gradual PROCESS.
9. Use relaxation audio session three times daily.
10. Listen to your inner dialogue. Respectful? Kind?

Your history does not have to be your future.

Some things I underlined

There are certain inner traits that seem to smooth the path of happiness. People with high self-esteem tend to be happy people. Second, if one feels in control of ones' life, one is much more likely to be contented. Having an optimistic view of life is essential to feeling happy. Positive people draw positives into there lives; the opposite is also true. "happines is an inside job"
I have heard it suggested that "acting as if" is a great strategy; I firmly believe this.

Research proves that a smile can change our brain chemistry. A smile encourages the production of endorphins, which leads to a feeling of overall well-being. We have more control than we realize: we can change our state of mind. Of course, I am not suggesting that we deny our feelings. I am encouraging you to take charge, know your power and not get stuck.

summarizing: laughter is a painkiller. laughter is great for us. Also love of people. If you find your fellow man/woman interesting and basically enjoy being around others, lead a socially involved life, are outgoing, with a diverse group of friends, you would probably classify yourself as happy.

so: Smile and laugh often. it's very good for me. Be optimistic.

__ That is part of the program. The fact that WE/ I control my feelings, not someone else is powerful. I know this and it doesn't mean much when I'm down cause I can't control the emotions. But when I start to feel better and get control of my emotions, it helps to get more control. That's what's on my mind now. I went take a walk this morning.
Also, things are slow at work today. Maybe we can do a late lunch. I'll buy. If not, we'll shoot for next time.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

God's Best


Like Grandma Like Grandson




My two grandchildren (from different fathers) Matthew and Simon



and a totally unrelated subject below:


Everyone longs to give himself to another human being: to have a deep soul relationship with another; to be loved thoroughly and exclusively. But God says to the Christian, no, not until you are satisfied, fulfilled and content being loved by me alone. I love you my child. Until you discover that only through me lies your satisfaction, you will be capable of the perfect human relationship I have planned for you. You will never be united with another until you are united with me, exclusive of anyone or anything else. Exclusive of any desires or longings. I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow me to give you the most thrilling plan, one that you cannot imagine. I want you to have the best. Please allow me to bring it to you. You must keep watching me, expecting the greatest things. Keep experiencing the satisfaction of what I am; keep learning and listening to the things I tell you. You must wait. Do not be anxious. Do not look around at the things others have gotten or received from me. You must keep looking off and away. Look up to me, or you'll miss the things I want to show you and then when you are ready, I'll surprise you with love far more wonderful than you would ever have dreamed. You see, until you are ready and until the one I have for you is ready I am working even this very minute to have you both ready at the same time until you are both living exclusively for ME and the life I have prepared for you, you will not be able to experience the love that reflects your relationship with me, PERFECT LOVE. I love you utterly. Believe and be satisfied! AMEN