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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Party's over

Well the birthday party is over.  I had 17 kids in my house with their parents.  Surprisingly I survived it.  The ages ranged from 3 months to 87 years old.  Yep, my grandmother never misses a birthday party.  If she has a ride she will be there!

Now the house is all quiet and I kind of hate it.  There was a time I really enjoyed being alone but now I think I'm leaning toward liking someone here.  This is the first time in my life I've ever been alone for this long.  I used to yearn for it but today when they were leaving I felt a sadness but then Brandi offered to move in again and I quickly realized what I was thinking.  LOL

Anyway the birthday boy was adoreable!  He is such a little man.  Last year for his birthday party he would open his gifts and throw them at me..this year he opened them and gave them to my dad but when it came to the money in the envelopes he brought that to me.  Smart boy! 

If I wouldn't be so lazy I think I would sell this house and move closer to them but when I look at all the junk I have in this place I change my mind.  Of course, being alone, I could get rid of a lot of this junk of 30 years and streamline things into a one bedroom apartment but then this house is home to Matthew also.  Oh what to do?  Calgon take me away!  Wish it were that easy!

There's always the option of fate bringing someone in my life that will take me away....hmmm...I don't believe in fairy tales any longer.  No knight on a white horse waiting to sweep me away.  Ah!  I do believe!  Life is full of mysteries and tomorrow I will open up another mystery God has waiting for me...

I'm such an oxymoron...I always think one thing one minute and the next I've completely changed my tune.  Of course you could call that wishy-washy too.  Yeah that's me!  Simply Complex!

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