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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sinus Medicine and Butts

Feeling:  Silly as usual


Do you guys think it is horrid that we now have to show our drivers license in order to obtain sinus medication at the druggist? We are only allowed a certain quota of sinus medication a month? Living in South Louisiana that is almost a death sentence. Your name goes into a data bank that tallies your purchases for the month. It boggles the mind and the sinus cavities!

Today I was stunned when I got tagged to show my ID to buy Hot Shot Roach Foggers. NO I do not have roaches...I believe in preventative measures to insure that I don’t have them. Once again I am lying I did swat one last night and I swear to you that it is because of all the baggage I’ve had here in the last few weeks. They were NOT my roaches they did not belong to me...I know my roaches when I see them!

Remember when the only reason we had to show identity was for drinking and to my utter dismay it has been awhile since I have had to do that. I do get very upset when I’m not asked because I think in my mind I am still less than 21 so why in the hell can’t they seem to see that too?

Which reminds me of a story about my Godchild. She is Ms. Pris to the max. I call her Madame Butterfly. She’s gorgeous and has an attitude to beat all attitudes. One night her and I went out clubbing. My we've gotten sophisticated. Back in my day we went bar hopping. Bar hopping sounds a little less classy but a whole lot more fun. About 5 years ago her and I went into this local establishment and to her horror they asked for my ID. She made a huge scene demanding that the young man look closely into my face. He did and promptly looked at me and says "Next time you fake your ID...make it more believable." The coup de grace was he didn’t even ask for hers!

Which reminds me of one more I D story. I went out with this guy and was asked for my ID. I had left it in the car because at my age you don’t expect to be asked and I explained to the lady at the door that I had left it along with my purse in the car. She looks at the man I am with and asked "is this your daughter?" When he said "yes" she allowed me to go in without an ID. The man I was with was only a few years older than I which made it more hilarious.

I haven’t been asked for it in quite some time. I’m finally settling into my age and I love to say "I can’t wait to get old so I can quit worrying about it." I’m there! I’m beginning to look like a dried out raisin instead of a plump pleasing grape.

And finally today I went to mass. I have a confession to make. I have a weakness for nice buttocks on a man. Okay a nice ass if you please.  I think God created them for my pleasure to look at and enjoy but I don’t think he wants me to obsess over them while I’m in mass. Today I had before me a very nice pair and I couldn’t keep my mind on the reason I was really in attendance. I closed my eyes in hopes that it would deter me but unfortunately the only thing closing my eyes did was allow me to envision what it would feel like to squeeze (actually man-handle) them. Needless to say my eyes popped wide open again and thankfully it was time to sit down for the sermon...and I was able to rest my eyes on his bald head instead. The head on his shoulders that is! Oh no and I have a weakness for bald men too so there I was again having fantasies and to think the sermon was about loving thy neighbor and I was being quite neighborly and feelin' the love....


globetrotter2u said...

This was freaking hilarious! You are one funny lady and I can relate totally to everything including the ass in mass shit. (Sorry for the bad language, butt you really got me going!)
I did an entry on an incident like this recently as well.
It's nice to have great genes:)
PS: Here's the entry.

swibirun said...

Yes, we have the same law here.  You have to show ID to get any medicine containing pseudephredine yet you don't have to show ID to buy "crystal meth", how ironic.

Great entry, it was so funny.  


stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, I think about what you said about lusting in church, LOL. Make me happy to think I'm not the only one is guilty of THAT sin...