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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Saints

Being Catholic I believe in praying to the Saints.  They have Saints for any cause you may need.

 Well having said that I pray mostly to St Joseph because he is the Patron Saint of Lost Things.  I lose a lot of things and trust me a prayer to him always works. 

Today I was searching for an invoice I knew I had just copied and placed it back where it belonged.  I went back three (3) times where it belonged and searched. It wasn't there.  I was completely and totally baffled.

I walked away from the filing cabinet and said my little prayer to Saint Joseph.  Went into the kitchen and fixed myself a cold drink...walked back to the filing cabinet...looked again and there it was. 

Every time this happens I believe but it makes me more of a believer each time.  Try it.  It doesn't have to be a formal prayer.  I usually just say...okay Saint Joseph...where is it?

On another note...don't ask him for that lost love.  Doesn't work!  Haven't found the Patron Saint of Lost Marriages either.


swibirun said...

How about my mind.....can he help me find that?  LOL

Keeping this in mind the next time I'm looking for the remote or car keys:)


gailmb said...

My mom's not Catholic, so she prays to her deceased sister. Works every time.  (it weirds me out a bit, so I haven't tried it yet.....)