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Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Buddy Bill 2

LOL Scratch the last entry.  Just heard from Bill.  He already hates the job he took in Denver because they put him in a basement office and the reason he moved to Colorado was for the mountains. If he can't see them all day..what's the point? 

Thankfully he has other options and is reconsidering the job in Telluride CO to do the 50 million ski resort project.  I prefer visiting a ski resort anyway and that massage you get once a week from them...you can donate it to me when I go.  LOL

He called me prior to get my advice on which one to take...I guess I chose the wrong one... Okay...so I don't always make the best choices for you...get over it...LOL

Look on the bright side...at least you won't have anything to regret...you already know you don't like the Denver job.  So there!  I knew what I was doing!

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swibirun said...

Ha ha.  I love how you rationalized that part at the end!  Great!