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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Enough is enough

As my dad is famous for saying:  If I weren't already home...I'd go home! 

Just in case you guys don't believe me here is the scene I wake up to in the mornings:

One of the 4 cats.  Found one on the table this morning...almost went balistic but why?

My brother on one of my sleeper sofa's.  This is in my livingroom.  See the sun is shining brightly enough for him to be awake.  Oops too much beer last night

Here he is later on during the day mowing my lawn.  We finally finished cleaning my yard.  I had a classic accident today.  I was hoeing around and stepped on the hoe and it came right at my face.

My nephew and Vickie in the den on my other sleeper sofa BUT they decided it's better to sleep on the floor with the mattress.  More power to them!

Where dear ole dad sleeps...but he's already awake so I didn't catch him sleeping.  He's so nice he even makes his bed! What a man! If I could find one like him I'd get married again.

This is my neice...on the loveseat in my computer room.  She's probably the most uncomfy one but she chooses the computer room because she gets to stay up all night on the computer.

My bed...didn't think you'd catch me in it...did you??

My little angel Matthew (yes I have one extra this weekend but he's very welcomed)  He's watching his Barney DVD on the computer since the den and livingroom have people sleeping.

Yeah that's me...taking a pic of myself for you guys to see how well I'm not taking this..

The back steps where everyone goes to enjoy a little peace and quiet to smoke.  Check out all the ice chests!  Yep they came in handy during Rita.


So there you have it...my little piece of heaven.


swibirun said...

Lovely life shots there:)  Too funny.  I wish I could sleep past dawn!


caesar1958 said...

Now...........THAT'S FAMILY!!!!!!!

bvaneps834 said...

they are so lucky to have you!! Our daughter in southern MN has 4 from Katrina with them--people they didn't know--but do now!!! Good luck!