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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Saints Part II

I've been praying to St. Joseph for 6 months and now he's found that hour I lost back in April and he's giving it back to me tonight. :)


battleboy632 said...

what is he giving back to you?

gailmb said...

St.Joe won't be giving that hour back to you until NEXT weekend.

Year      DST Begins                   DST Ends  
             at 2 a.m.                      at 2 a.m

2001         April 1                      October 28  
2002         April 7                      October 27
2003         April 6                      October 26
2004         April 4                      October 31
2005         April 3                      October 30

Thanks for reminding me, though. I thought Congress had changed the DST dates to some time in November--for energy conservation purposes, but those changes aren't going into effect until 2007. I didn't think I had to do all the clock work for a few weeks! Now I know.