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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An Amazing Buffet

There is a certain person in JLand who has an aversion or a strong disgust as you will for a certain word in the English language. This amazes me. 


On my way into work this morning I was thinking about this and I’ve often felt a duty to shed a different perspective on things and if you will indulge me I think I’ll do that right now.


I think in human nature we tend to look at things as a whole rather than in bits and pieces.  For example, I can tolerate my family in small portions but as a whole they tend to be a bit much for my taste.


I took the word amaze and rolled it around my tongue let it rest on the palate awhile.  Tasted its many flavors and decided to serve it on a platter garnished with my own Cajun spices.  I don’t want to serve it as the entire meal but as a part of the banquet.  Maybe by offering it in a more appetizing manner it will become more palatable.


As a good hostess I would like to serve you a maze of choices on my banquet an intricate smorgasbord of dishes for the diner to choose from.  A dining table that has variety and everyone seated is sure to find something appealing to their palate.


Having used this analogy it comes to mind that this person who so hates the word amazing is a maze of a person.  He offers up to his readers a banquet of appetizers both intricate and perplexing.


Sometimes he bewilders us with his sensitive and heartfelt writings.  All in Jland who know/read him (I don’t pretend to know him I just know what I read and it’s a good read!) become stupefied with his knowledge on even the minute things in life.  


Personally I think he has accomplished what he set out to do in becoming funny, readable and amusing.  Not only does he reside at the head of his own table but he visits other tables and offers a melange of delectable tidbits.


So here’s to you Stupefied Stupid …Not only are you an amazing person but you are a maze of a person.  And I just can’t resist…sometimes a little maizey.


Bon Appetit!

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sieblonde said...

"amazing'.. huh.   lol  ~Sie