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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Buddy Billium

Thank God for Cingular to Cingular. I get to talk to my Buddy Bill anytime I feel the need which is most afternoons while I am driving home.

 Since he has moved to Colorado he has definitely been missed.   He is such an exceptional human...exeptionally unorthodox.  

He told me the nicest thing tonight.  That I was deep within his soul.  Well he has definitely been planted in my soul as the deepest friendship I've ever known.  Thick and thin.  And don't believe it when people tell you that women and men can't be friends because that's B. S. 

I know he's secretly madly in love with me but I pretend to overlook that as a deficiency in his character.

I felt a need to post this entry about him since he means so much to me and he has just started reading my journal. LOL  He has been there  through many tough times and he insists that I've been there for him too but I think he's done more for me than I for him.

Here he is looking so much the part of the mountain man.  I love you Bill!  By the way...any single women out there...he's looking!


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wkoetting said...

Well, well, you little hell... : )   Sharlene, you are such an increadable.... (never could spell, you know that)  FRIEND....  My life has been very blessed with your existance and to all who know or are getting to know her..... BE KIND, BE TRUE, BE REAL AND BE YOU!!!  For this gal is ONE IN A MILLION !!!!!  
May God bless you Sharlene, in the same manner as you have blessed ME .... FOREVER !!!!