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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


It's really strange in the course of one day what will flow through your mind from your past. I have decided that I will write about these happenings that naturally flow through this otherwise lifeless brain.

Growing up I was the only female sibling in my family and my brothers had the privilege of running around without shirts during the summer. This didn't seem to faze me until I reached the age of 9 or so. It was one warm sunny summer day and my brothers were running around with no shirt on. I decided to ask my mom if I could do the same. She explained to me that little girls should always keep their shirts on (thanks Mom I still have a complex about removing my shirt) She decided after enough begging to give me my way.

I remember so vividly removing my shirt to join in the games with my brothers. But lo and behold, it felt soooo foreign to me. I felt, I’m sure, like Eve after she ate the forbidden apple. Naked, instead of free, like I thought I’d feel. I remember crossing my hands over my then invisible (still semi-invisible) buds. Finally after no more than 5 minutes I walked to my mother and requested my shirt back. Once again she was right, but I realize it’s only because she never allowed me to run freely without a shirt; therefore, I was never accustomed to it. Had she let me, I would probably still be gracing people with that horrendous sight.

Which brings me to something I just thought about. My grandmother, whom I seem to remember a lot about, never took a bath without her bra and panties on. She said that she cringed at the thought of dying unexpectedly and someone finding her naked in the bathtub. I, of course, felt it necessary to tell her that she probably would look more strange lying dead in a tub full of water with her bra and panties on. Furthermore, I said, you would be dead and not conscious of the snickering going on about your nudeness.

I'm off to take a shower in my bra and panties.

No wonder I have phobias.


gailmb said...

Never got to go shirtless as a child. I was the eldest and needed to be above reproach (HA).
But shortly after I moved to my present home (in the country, surrounded by cornfields and a big woods), I decided to do a little "full body sun-bathing" in my back yard. I only lasted about 5 minutes before the paranoids in my head (and maybe some of my Minnesota Scandanavian Lutheran ancestry....aka the whole guilt over the human body thing) made me rush inside and don a swimsuit!

BTW, I'm tagging you. Go to http://classyof68.blogspot.com to find and copy the questions I'd like you to answer.

Gail on the Frozen Tundra

sangrialel said...

That is really funny!!  I hope I don't develop this kind of phobia now!  Lelly

hadonfield78 said...

Isnt it amazing how things that happen to us as children, carry over into our adult life ??
Phobia's and such.
Your MOM is alot smarter than I am. When my girls reached that 9 yrs old age, and kinda made comments about it being unfair not being able to go shirtless, I wasnt smart enough to let them find out for themselves.
I just said no.  I kinda like the way your mom approached it.
She sounds like a very smart woman.

garnett109 said...

You have that phobia also , I still take a shower with my bra and panties lmao!

stupidsheetguy said...

I'm not sure how funny you intended this to be, or if at all, but damn, I laughed at this!

Don't forget the socks!


caesar1958 said...

Wellllllll.......we could geaux all kind of places with this one....but......at least you're saving on doing laundry!!!!!

saleenm98 said...

LoL!  Bra and panties in the shower? That's great.  It's funny how moms can give us "our way," but ultimately do it just so that we return to "her way" for the rest of our lives...!


queeniemart said...

Ok, this was a strange but enjoyable entry. My grandma was the most strict woman God put upon this earth and i never saw her nude nor without her teeth but i think even she took her panties off to bathe. Your grandma was awesome i am sure. But what a strange thing. Isnt it weird how they lived one way and we have a whole new way of living now?
HUGS, lisa

siennastarr said...

I love you sista!  You can take a story about your little girl nakedness, a grandmother who bathes with her undies on, and make me laugh, and yet I still understood everything you were saying!  

That is such a cute story!   But..umm... ixnay on the undies in the shower thing.  Not a good idea... hee :P