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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Potty

One quick entry before I head out to my movie date. 

I had the privilege of having my adorable grandson here for the weekend.  He is 3 1/2 and refuses to be potty trained.  We have tried but he throws a rant whenever you try to make him go to the toilet.

So Nammy here, trying her best to help him out tells him, "My angel, you don't have to potty, just go sit on the toilet for a while." 

Well, I'm so excited I have a digital camera to catch what this little shit did:  Would you look at the sarcasm and defiance in his face!

He actually walked into the bathroom and put the toilet seat down so that he could sit on it. 


garnett109 said...

yep that is agreat way to seat on the pot

mawmellow said...

lol...at least he obeyed !

hadonfield78 said...

And I wonder which side of the family he gets his scarcasm and defiance from ................  hmmmmmm
he he he he

swibirun said...

Don't stress too much.  Trevor was afraid to do that until he was 4.  Everytime he had to do #2, he'd ask for a place to "hide".

Most recent entry was 1/15/06

siennastarr said...

Well, sista, you told him to SIT ON THE TOILET, so he did!  lol

Seems to me he has the personality of his Nammy! hee


luvatalaff said...

that`s a great pic....hope the date went well

garnett109 said...

sorry for not thinking this before, my nephew went through this also, have dad take him camping and have dad watch him pee on a tree , and  take a dump in the woods, the boy will think that is neat and follow, then try it at home in the potty, kids are afraid that they will fall in and go down the drain!

saleenm98 said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I love it.  Luckily you told him to just go sit--things would have been a little, um, messy, had you told him to just try.  Oh and your grandson IS adorable--I LOVE redheads!  Too cute!


stupidsheetguy said...

See the thing I've figured out with kids is, thank God they let us be in charge once in a while...or we'd really be in trouble...

Nice entry!


PS Details...? I'm nosy about the date...