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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My daughter

My daughter is a nutcase.  I was chatting with her about my dating and how some guys can be overly romantic and she,  off the top of her head comes up with these words. 

Guys feel free to steal them:

 SuzybKewl [7:38 PM]:  come heartha, be of my presence, into my eyes, my heart longs to be near your soul...I need to breathe you, to taste you, to love you as no other man can.  I can be your air in which you breathe me over and over...and so on and so forth


hadonfield78 said...

Hey !!!!!!!!!
You stole my opening line I use............   he he he

garnett109 said...

yep ,we steal them

saleenm98 said...

Haha...cute!  Lacey

siennastarr said...

LOL!  Daughters... ya gotta love em'!


stupidsheetguy said...

I dunno...seems pretty smart to me, LOL