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Friday, January 13, 2006

No Match

Is there a tactful way of saying that since I've joined Match.com, I'm having a blast and dating a lot?  In the past, as with my last new friend, I've always ended up liking someone, and immediately shutting down every other option in my life.  Settling,  so to speak.

I promised myself this time that I was going to take it slow, develop friendships and have a good time. (this is foreign to me) I am not a player and I have been very honest with everyone I've been in contact with, letting them know exactly what my agenda is and explaining to them my old patterns in which I do not want to repeat.  In my opinion, honesty is the key.   (I just won't tell them what a bottle of wine will do

So, having said all that, if I'm not writing in my journal, that is why, I'm out being a new me as I said I would do in my New Year's journal entry.

But, I promise, if I have some really funny or even heartbreaking  news to share from my dating experiences, you know I will be on here faster than flies on .......yeah that stuff.




mosie1944 said...

Good for you!

garnett109 said...

Hey, What does a bottle of wine do?
And flies on what stuff?

blondepennierae said...

Have a great time!  Just be careful, and.... what does a bottle of wine do?  LOL  Pennie

stupidsheetguy said...

I hope that this whole experience will help you to find the happiness that I'm wishing for you right now. Enjoy every moment. Share yourself without holding back, and have some fun. It's nice to see that the goal you set for yourself is to be happy. Hope someone is out there to help you reach that goal.

We'll definitely miss you the times where you might be gone a while, but it's a little easier to take knowing that it's because you're enjoying life. See you sooner or later, but either way, good luck!


siennastarr said...

While I am very excited for you SISTA... you and all your Match.com guys... I still find that absolutely NO EXCUSE to not journal on a daily basis!  I mean, come on now!  A man vs journaling???   What is the world coming to??!!   ;p

**whispering***  I'm glad you're having a good time... get here when you can!

Hugs and love,

saleenm98 said...

Well I think it's just great that you are dating and finding excitement on Match.com.  I am just like you, I settle when I'm dating.  I think I get so excited that someone is actually interested in me that I jump at the chance.  I leap before I look around me, infront of me, or behind me.  Hope you're better at sticking with it than I am!  :)

peabody47 said...

Hello A,
Actually, I have been reading your journel for awhile. I don't know why but I decided one nite to just send you a note. I enjoy your attitude and certainly the name of your Journal "Ranting......" grabed me and there I was following your life.
My journal is different for every person. I know that there is a special kind of magic involved with putting your own interpetation to the "POND". Hopefully it will be a magic that includes real Emotion.

queeniemart said...

Good luck on your dating!!!!!!

swibirun said...

That is cool.  I wouldn't be worried about telling anyone.  It is becoming more and more mainstream in this online, connected, hurry hurry world.

But Alexis and I both think you shouldn't worry too much.  You can be choosey:)  You are a hot and wonderful lady!

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luvatalaff said...

good for you .....have a great time....we`ll be waiting for those stories