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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Attic Climbing

I have renewed my commitment to my body. I will start taking better care of it and exercising daily. I have joined Match.Com and damned if all those men don't want a "fit" person. I'm fit! Fit to be had and fit to be tied! (okay guys don't get any ideas!) I honestly didn't think I needed all that much work, but now I know differently.

I decided to finish decorating my Mardi Gras tree with a few Mardi Gras beads but they are in the attic. Of course, before I go into the attic, I remember the words of my wise old grandmother, telling me at my declining age, she wishes there would always be someone with me, in case of an untimely accident. Damn Grandma!

I chew on this for a while and call my daughter on my cell phone. I tell her I am going into the attic for beads and that I have left my door unlocked in the event that my unfit ass falls down the attic stairs, she can call the neighbor to come see about me.

Well, I didn't fall down the stairs, nor could I find any of the beads but what I did discover is, I am indeed unfit. When I came downstairs again, I was out of breath. I decided at that point that I would start an exercise program and stick to it. If I were to find a man on Match.Com, I damned sure wanted to pass out from passion rather than from being unfit.


garnett109 said...

sorry to hear about the fit and not be tied comment , i'll just leave it at that , try yogurt? LOL!

gailmb said...

My unfit ass (and thighs and calves and ankles, etc) are getting a good workout following the Wordy One around S.Texas. One of these days I'll learn to get fit BEFORE the bird-watching field trips!
Hope you find your beads. And your match.....


sangrialel said...

I love the idea of a Mardi Gras tree.  My mom always made an Easter Tree but I have never seen a Mardi Gras one!!  I love it.  Lelly

queeniemart said...

I started another diet on Monday. I am so fat and out of shape. So i know how you feel. I am proud you went to the attic. I need to start walking more....UGH, I hate water and i hate exercise!!
Have a great day, lisa jo

hadonfield78 said...

My dear, I think your being a bit hard on youself.
I think you look terrific.
If these guys on match.com are not impressed ???????
Maybe they are not worth your time.....

peabody47 said...

Fear not, you look pretty good to me and I don't pass around compliments unless I believe them myself.
A tale of many tongues

siennastarr said...

Oh sista.. for the love of cake!  You are NOT unfit!  You have a kick Azz body, and if those old farts on Match.com can't see that, then forget about them.  I'll just bet that half those men are overweight with major beer bellies, and enough chins to start their own Chinese phone book!
It never ceases to amaze me how men can look like "that" but expect us to look like Jessica Simpson!  Blech!  

Sorry for the rant, but that's just one thing that makes me so mad!


saleenm98 said...

That's it, honey!  With that attitude you'll be kickin' butt and takin' names!  Good luck on Match.com.  My Daddy was on there for a little while.  Oh--don't worry--my parents are divorced...I don't live an "alternative lifestyle" or anything! haha

swibirun said...

Ok, just so you know, not every guy is looking for a "fit" woman.  I work my ass off all the time trying to stay lean and muscular.  

But to be perfectly honest, if I were single, as pretty as you are, I would never ask you out, only because you are too "fit".    Ask Alexis or anyone that knows me.  There are so many guys who want a REAL woman.  Like the song goes, "You can do side bends or sit ups....but please don't lose that butt!"

And another thing, exactly how "fit" are these guys?  Fat, hairy, and 30 years past their glory days when they could still fit in their football jerseys.

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luvatalaff said...

i so was gonna use the fit to be tied joke but ya beat me to it......we just bought an elliptical.....and mt first workout was carrying the friggin` thing in the house....but i have actually been using it........that is probably hell that you feel freezing over