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Friday, January 20, 2006


I love this little boy! Just looking at a pic of him does my heart good!  Never in my life can anyone make me as happy as a smile from this little man!

It's looking more and more like they will be moving away from me.  The top contender for the head coaching position that my son in law is vying for has dropped out of the race.  I thought that if he got the position that they would not be leaving until the end of the school year.  Well it seems that it will be February when and if he gets the job.  I truly want what is best for his career but I am so saddened at the thought of them being farther away. 

If I could explain one tenth of what I feel for that little boy it would not say enough.  You take the child you conceived and you multiply it by infinity. If someone would have told me that I would ever gush over a child like this, I'd have told them they were losing their mind!   



hadonfield78 said...

are you kidding me ???????
Look at that beautiful face.....
You can just tell by lookin at him that he has a big of heart of love.
You gush and gush all ya want.
That is totally understandable........
Im sorry they will be moving...
Why isnt Grandma moving too ????

garnett109 said...

What a smile!

gaboatman said...

Believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel about your grandson.  I'm sorry he will move further away, but am happy his Dad is furthering his career.  Save up that vacation time so you can have those precious visits to look forward to.

peabody47 said...

When you write about your emotions and set forth what you are feelig, perhaps you really do understand about the "POND" without realizing it. Your capacity to describe your life is most intresting to read. Grandchilden are rare gifts.
A Tale of many tongues

mosie1944 said...

My first grandchild affected me that way, too.  I still say nobody EVER loved me as totally as Arick did in those early years of his life.  

sangrialel said...

I find it totally amazing myself.  I can't put into words the way I feel about Aiden either. Lelly

saleenm98 said...

What a cute little kid!  You are BLESSED to have a redhead in the family!!  Just think, if your son-in-law gets the best for his career, he will be able to provide the best for Matthew.


siennastarr said...

I know he is the apple of your eye, gramma!  You are so lucky to be close to his heart.  Wish I were with mine..  <sigh>

He is such a cutey! :)


luvatalaff said...

oh he is a cutie.....with just a hint of mischief about him.......i am sorry to hear that he might be moving...i`ll say a little prayer that daddy gets a great job a little closer to you....hang in there........btw......i got your comment about it being 80 there today...i`m totally jealous