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Saturday, January 28, 2006


When I was about 11 years old my vocabulary was not as extensive as it is now. There were meanings to some words I did not know. Surprised?

I was a very prissy little girl. Always had my hair brushed perfectly and not tomboyish at all. Everyone always commented on how I was always so neatly presented. I think my Mom had a lot to do with that. I slept in curlers every night until I was of an age where I told my mom "enough!"

My Godmother was someone I thought highly of and I would become very upset at the idea that she would think badly of me. My cousin, (the thirteen year old witch who inducted me into adulthood by finding my dad's trash books and giving me one to read...she taught me everything I didn't need to know at a very young age) well, one particular day, my Godmother was visiting along with the witch of a cousin and apparently my Mother and Godmother were talking about how "feminine" I was. Overhearing the conversation, I, of course, did not know what feminine meant so I decided to ask my cousin, Darlene, the witch.

She, knowing how I was, decided to tell me it was something awful and I really wouldn't want to know what it meant. I was devastated and started crying. After my Godmother left, I went to my mother and asked her why they had said such horrible things about me? My mother was clueless, so I explained what I was referring to.

My mother sat me down and told me exactly what "feminine" meant and to this day I’ve been very proud to be called that!

  The story behind this picture and my gorgeous hair: My mother, as I said, always had me in curlers at night.  This particular day was picture day and apparently a very damp day.  After removing my curlers, she pinned my hair in this uptight looking roll, instructing me to take it down before having my picture taken.  Of course, I'm in the third grade and completely forgot!  Imagine my mothers surprise when the pictures arrived in her hands?  Her darling little girl looked like Princess Leia somewhat undone.


garnett109 said...

wow , I do want to make fun but i won't, my dad always tired to save a buck and gave me a hair cut for a picture with all the grand kids and my grand parents, he accidently cut a notch in the front of my hair, if you combed it you could not notice it, but as you said, i forgot, thanx you brought back memeroies!

buggieboo1 said...

That was nice to read! thanks for sharing!


sangrialel said...

Don't you just love looking at school pictures??  I hate mine!  Lelly

hadonfield78 said...

What do you mean.....................
That is a beautiful picture.
You look so sweet and wonderful.
and what a beautiful smile too.

siennastarr said...

BWAHAHHAAH!!  That is so cute!!  I remember those days and some of those pictures that were taken in school!  I can't even look at them without laughing my butt off!  Some of the hairstyles my mom stuck me with were just horrendous.  Nice for someone HER age, but not for someone who was in the 3rd grade!  Yikes! lol


swibirun said...

What a great picture!  so cute!

Most recent entry was 1/28/06

swibirun said...

Said cousin never told you that you were a heterosexual or that your epidermis was showing, did she?

Most recent entry was 1/28/06

hunybea4him said...

aww you are too cute.  The thought to put curlers in my 3 girls hair over night never crossed my mind  (too grown up of a thing to do I think and they'd never sit for it lol and too much time)

I found you playing the journal tag game.  Want to know what it is or to play, visit my journal.

Much Love,

luvatalaff said...

great story and nice pic....I wouldn`t have the guts to show some of my pics from grade school....i put the d in dork!