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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Saturday Night Special

I thought I could get away without having a long drawn out entry about my dates but it seems several of you want details. All names will be changed to protect the innocent.

Saturday night began with a jaunt over to Barnes and Noble with my Dad and daughter to see a local act, Jaryd Lane, from Kaplan Louisiana (that's where my dear old Dad hails, hales, hells (you pick) from). www.jarydlane.com  He is a Country/Blues singer who is an up and coming new star.

I figured since we were already there it would be a good place to meet Mr. Saturday Night Special. First of all let me give you a very apt description of Mr. S.N.S. He is possibly the closest thing to an Alan Jackson (country singer for those of you who are not fans) lookalike that I've ever seen. He is a 38 year old; 6'4; 235# of Southern good looks! Imagine my nervousness to meet this guy especially with Paw and Daughter inconspicuously lurking over the "Yeah Right Sharlene this is gonna work" section at Barnes and Noble to see their first glimpse of him.

He arrives promptly at 9pm as we had planned. I introduce him to daughter and paw after introducing him to myself. (I warned him prior that they were busybodies and wouldn't leave). He picks me up in his big old hunky arms and swings me around like I'm mincemeat. I'm looking at him, and thinking, oh no you didn't just do that!

The busybodies leave and him and I walk over to Starbucks to get acquainted. We are sitting there when I look over to my right and see Ms. I'm Going to Kill You Soon Daughter, standing at the window with her lips puckered up in kissing motions.

I looked at Mr. S.N.S. and said "I think we need to leave". We hop into his Ford Truck and I think we are safe and there she comes tearing out her parking spot, honking her horn to the tune of "Mama He's Crazy".

I have physically met Mr. SNS for a total of 10 minutes and he is a nice guy with all the special qualities that some woman will be proud to have one day. He reaches over and kisses me. (Where the hell are you when I need you daughter!) I'm in total shock that this has come so soon in our meeting. I realize my lips are tempting but this is ridiculous! I start sputtering (for reasons I will never reveal in a public forum).

We proceed to Chili's, our first stop of the evening, for dining. I need a stiff margarita, leave everything out except the alcohol, at which time I find out he doesn't drink. Oh have mercy! I need a drink NOW. He obliges me and even has one himself. Thank you Lord!

We are sitting there chitchatting and he's proclaiming his adoration for me while clasping my hands in his from across the table. I'm totally in shock of the whole situation. He is quite the smooth talker. I’m trying to make conversation other than about me (what a change that is!) I discover that he doesn't drink, dance, go to concerts, lounges, or anything I like to do. I’m not a barfly but I do like to have a few and dance. Nadda for him.

After we finish eating, I asked him what he wanted to do? His response? I just want to get out of here so I can kiss you again. Now I'm distressed and thinking "I don't want to ever leave...Waitress bring me a cot...I'm sleeping here tonight!"

We leave too soon and walk out into the cold air and he wraps his arms around me and tries to kiss me again. I allow a hug.

We've decided on the movie theater. I've decided to sit in the very front so as to have no chance of any hanky panky going on. The movie, as luck would have it, is a tragic love story, Tristan and Isolde. He held my hand and my hand fell asleep and I removed it from his. He later grabs it again. We played handsies throughout the movie.

I couldn't wait for the evening to end. I am just not the touchy-feely type right off the bat (now maybe had he known about the wine). The whole evening left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. (literally) We arrive back at my car and he grabs me up again into a swing, big hug and kiss.

I left knowing I would never have that experience with him again. The next step was breaking the news.



Mr. Sunday Evening Coming Down


mosie1944 said...

You make me SO thankful that I'm married.

caesar1958 said...

awright....had to sign on the get the rest of the story.....wouldn't fit on the blackberry......lol

saleenm98 said...

Wow...Mr. SNS sure was moving quickly!  Y'all hadn't even had dinner and he was already trying to kiss you!  Blech!  Can we say *desparate*
:)  Glad you got out of that one

sangrialel said...

I guess he must of found love at first sight with you!!!!  I hope he takes the news that you didn't feel the same good!  Lelly

gailmb said...

Big old hunky arms, huh. Ah, well, they probably woulda turned flabby in a few years anyway........


siennastarr said...

I can't stand guys that are all up in your business, right off the bat.  I need to get to know them, to know whether there is any chemistry or whether I want there nasty ol' lips anywhere near mine.  Now, granted Alan Jackson is one hot cowboy, but even HE would have to wait until I was good and ready!

Thanks for the details!  I love them! :)


stupidsheetguy said...

Mr SNS...I hope he's out of the running....he is, right?

That's some strange behavior. I mean, I'm a guy, and I think it's really odd. No doubt, he seemed awestruck, but I get the feeling that behavior was to tell you how wonderful HE was, rather than the other way around. I'd have been embarrassed to behave like that, before, during AND after.

Sounds like Mr Sunday was a welcome relief.


luvatalaff said...

maybe he could sing you Remember when.......remember when i was too damn pushy ......but at least I didn`t grab at your tushy.......ah yes!! lol!

hadonfield78 said...

Well it sounds like quite an interesting evening................
But its gotta be better than your friday night, hanging curtains and talking to some old broken down guy via email.......... he he he he he