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Friday, January 6, 2006

The Epiphany

Today is the Epiphany.  Time for all of us Catholics to take our CHRISTmas tree down.  There's only one problem.  As much as I love to put a tree up, I detest taking it down, therefore I find creative ways to keep it standing and since mine is small and artificial, it will remain standing.  The nativity stays up too.  We should always be reminded throughout the year of the birth of Jesus.

Of course, we have Mardi Gras coming up and today I  heard the first Mardi Gras song of the season.  Would you like to sing it with me?


Mardi Gras Mambo Mambo

Mardi Gras Mambo Mambo

Down in New Orleans

Ah!  How sad that the Mardi Gras in New Orleans will not be the same this year, but I promise you, we will still enjoy it elsewhere in the state.

Eating our King Cakes and discovering the babies inside.

History of the King Cake

image courtesy mardigrasstore.com  The Mardi Gras season begins on January 6 and continues until Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. During this time of year, one of the most beloved traditions in New Orleans is that of the King Cake.

 On the Christian calendar, the twelfth day after Christmas is known as "Epiphany", "Twelfth Night", or "Kings Day." It is the day the gift-bearing Magi visited the baby Jesus, and is celebrated with its own unique rituals.

 The New Orleans tradition, begun in the 1870s, borrows heavily from European customs. As part of the celebration of Mardi Gras, it is traditional to bake an oval cake in honor of the three kings - the King Cake. The shape of a King Cake symbolizes the unity of faiths. Each cake is decorated in the traditional Mardi Gras colors: purple represents justice, green represents faith and gold represents power. A small baby, symbolizing the baby Jesus, is baked into each cake.

 In New Orleans, King Cake parties are held throughout the Mardi Gras season. In offices, classrooms, and homes throughout the city, King Cakes are sliced and enjoyed by all. Like the biblical story, the "search for the baby" adds excitement, as each person waits to see in whose slice of cake the baby will be discovered. While custom holds that the person who finds the baby in their slice will be rewarded with good luck, that person is also traditionally responsible for bringing the King Cake to the next party or gathering.

 The traditional King Cake is made from twisted strands of cinnamon dough, topped with icing, and sprinkled with purple, green, and gold colored sugar. Today, many additional varieties of King Cake are also available, with fillings such as cream cheese, strawberry, apple, and lemon.


May the God of love and peace set your hearts at rest and speed you on your journey; may he meanwhile shelter you from disturbance by others in the hidden recesses of his love, until he brings you at last into that place of complete plenitude where you will repose forever in the vision of peace, in the security of trust, and in the restful enjoyment of his riches.

- St. Raymond of Penafort (1175-1575)


garnett109 said...

love your tree where are the candy canes, no black peter , lol

queeniemart said...

Thats a cool story about the cakes! I like it that you are going to keep your tree up. My DH took ours down just yesterday. Its  much more fun putting it up!
Hugs, lisa jo

siennastarr said...

So funny that after you wrote of the cakes, I was already thinking how my comment was going to include a question about the King Cake.  Leave it to you to read my mind, sista! lol

I wish I could be there with you to celebrate Mardi Gras!  I have never experienced it, except what I have read, and seen on TV.  I bet it's alot of fun!

What are you planning to do to celebrate, and how are you doing it this year, since New Orleans is out of commision? :(


swibirun said...

I know you were trying to show us your Christmas tree but I love your bead board!

When I was taking our lights down, I thought about the sum total of electrical cords in use in the USA and how it changes from 12/24 to 1/2.  It is extension cord liberation day:)


gailmb said...

Aha!! Now I know what a King Cake is! The Wordy One and I were just discussing them (strange what conversations occur while on vacation) and he figured they were crab cakes (King Crab) because New Orleans is famous for seafood. Guess I'll be able to set him staight now.

papisangel04 said...

I also wondered what the king cake was. Thanxxxxxxxxx. lol. I was suppose to take down my tree this weekend. I procastinated so much and still there it is standing tall in my living room lol. Maybe next weekend : ). It really is much more fun putting it up. Taking it down is sucha drag. : (

saleenm98 said...

Ah!  We keep the tree up and put Mardi Gras decorations on it, too!!  There's just something about coming home to a decorated tree that just keeps you in that Christmas spirit year-round!!

ccancu said...

Ah yes, the King Cake.  Taught me to slow down on my eating!!!  I seem to get him every time . ..  so I bought lots of those cakes every Mardi Gras Season.

I lived there almost three years.  It's been sad to watch what the hurricane has done, but she's coming back!!!

I loved this entry.  You are right.  We need to be reminded of His birth all year!


luvatalaff said...

fat tuesday....and ash wednesday but after eating......all the king cake....i`d probably have fat ash thursday....HEHE!!