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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Whole lotta Chit

Mood:  Creative Shit: I have no shame!


If any of you are offended by shit, I would not read this entry. I would not want to offend thee in any way, shape or form. I just feel the need to talk some shit and Im afraid this is the place that's going to get it. I feel a TOS coming on but I've been a good lil shit since I started this journal and I'm feeling a little constipated. And if any of you big shits want to TOS me, go right ahead! Who gives a shit?

Every day on my way home from work, I literally pass up some good shit. Yes, my dear friends, I have the privilege of passing what, I assume, is an up and coming sewer plant. It is a huge monstrosity of an operation, but I would guess that's because Lafayette has a lot of shit. This place is in the middle of a busy section of town and it stinks the high heavens. Im hoping whatever they are constructing is a smell-proof wall around the shit. They need to process the shit and quick.

I have never claimed that my shit don't stink, but damn! Lafayette you are rotten! We are talking MEGA bean burritos on a sweltering hot summer day! The only good thing about this place is...if you feel one coming on...it's good place to be, since no one would even know it was you. Pass the beans darlin'! I shit you not, there is a Mexican Restaurant right next to it. How ironic is that?

Everyday as I pass by, I am so very thankful that I do not work anywhere near the shit. I've had enough shit in my life that, I damn sure don't need to be working next to it.

If I were a lady, I'm sure I'd have said fecal material instead of the "S" word but sometimes you have to call a shit a shit. And let me tell you "that's some shit!"



garnett109 said...

i will not pee on your toilet seat, and  i think that your j is the shit, and when somebody asks you who you are tell them you are the shit and i mean this in a loveable way , nice entry thanks!

gailmb said...

If ya gotta go, go big time!! LMAO
Happy Turkey Day......and I think I'll pass on the bean burritos for awhile......

luvatalaff said...

what a shitty entry.....guess I`m no lady either HEHE!!

siennastarr said...

Well, shit, Sam.... That's just shitty, ya know?  Have you thought about going down there and giving them some shit?  Do you think it would do any good?
I would hate to sit around and smell shit all day.  Oh, wait... I do.  When I'm at work!  The ER is full of some really smelly shit!  Trust me!


globetrotter2u said...

You got TOS'd for this fucking shit???? OH kiss my sweet lil ass AOL! COME get me brother... I'm waitin' fo yo!

ccancu said...

Oh, two flies on a dinner date, the boy asks the girl fly:

"More turd, my love?"  LOL!

That joke stinks!

swibirun said...

OK, in retrospect, I wonder if someone TOSsed you as a joke, since you said "bring it on".  I was wondering who would TOS someone was sweet, funny, and gorgeous as yourself!