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Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Lost Undies

I never did relate this Hurricane story to J-Land because I truly thought it was a weird occurrence. After Hurricane Rita passed, not only did it leave me without much privacy, but it left me without any underwear. In my dresser, I had many pairs of Hanes Her Way white cotton no nonsense very unsexy panties. Some panties, that no one in their right mind would want to steal. Once I reclaimed my privacy, I assumed the vortex of the hurricane had made away with my white no nonsense undies. They were no where to be found. I looked high and low for these babes only to have to give up the search. Even St. Anthony or St. Joseph wasn't helping me in the lost and found department. I'm sure, in buying new ones, I should have been adventurous and bought some that weren't so no nonsense, but it's difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.

This past weekend, I spent some time at my parents home for the holidays, and my Dad, being the nut case that he is, informs me that he has just unpacked his suitcases from his adventure at my home. He's laughingly relating to me that as he unpacks, he notices he has a suitcase full of woman's panties. I'm sure glad my mom didn't unpack for him because I'm sure that would have caused some problems in her mind.

So months later, I now have enough no nonsense panties to last a lifetime. And it was priceless seeing him walk down the hall with a arm full of women's panties.


garnett109 said...

now that is a very funny story! glad you got your panties back and thats no nonsense

siennastarr said...

LOL!  That is too funny!!   How the heck did your panties get in your dad's suitcase anyway?  Did he pick them up with his own clean undies by accident? lol

How funny!


gailmb said...

Okay, that's almost gross.......

gailmb said...

Oops! Forgot oto add the last line to the previous post!
Here it is:    LMAO

hadonfield78 said...

That is funny funny funny..................

Remember the switched suit cases in "Meet The Parents" ????

rgwindland said...

Figures it would be those undies that survived, LOL. Rhonda

globetrotter2u said...

HEEHEE! Glad the mystery was solved.

I always panic when I can't find my favorite panties!