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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Arguing Within

I love alone...I mean live alone and if I want anyone to talk to I have to do all the talking to myself. Sometimes it gets to be very boring but there are times I have lively conversations with myself. It’s a continuous dialogue between Sam and my inner self. One such exchange just took place while I was showering and I realized I forgot to buy shaving cream today while on my weekly dreaded trip to Wally World. The conversation went like this:

Sam to her inner self, "Piss, Shit and Corruption I forgot to buy shaving cream!"

Inner self, "Oh crap! That means razor burns"

Sam, "Quit complaining. You know you should have made a list!"

Inner self, "Oh shut up Sam! I could give a rat’s ass what you think!"

Sam, "I’ll just make a quick run into Walmart tomorrow and get it so don’t worry."

Inner self, "You're a lying sack of shit, you know you avoid Walmart like the plague and you’ll do without until your next weekly trip."

Sam ,"Quit arguing with me...I know exactly what I’m going to do and I don’t need you telling me otherwise."


It’s tough being me. My Inner self has a potty mouth that I have to put up with but I have a bit more class.



hadonfield78 said...

I know what you mean. My Inner Self is always getting me into trouble.....

swibirun said...

You want to borrow my shaving cream?  I could also loan you my automatic throat slasher ... err... vibrating Schick Quattro razor if you're brave enough, LOL.

Well, you'll have to wait because Brandy has already asked to borrow it first:)

Great entry.  You funny!~


thewritingbug said...

You're funny!  Have a great weekend.

gailmb said...

Luckily, the authorities cannot read my mind or I would have been locked up years ago!
Maybe the inner self is the real "us" and what the public sees is just a facade we put up to protect the innocent.....Something to ponder this weekend.

siennastarr said...

OMG!  You are just like me!  I live alone, and talk to MYself all the time!  I even answer myself (which apparently you do too, and you know what they say about answering yourself? ...lol), so I guess that makes us both crazy!  You know what though??  I think I'm interesting, even if my conversations with myself are peppered with profanities!

Maybe you talk to yourself inside your head, but I talk to MYself OUTLOUD! lol

Crazy on my friend!  lol