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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Awards VS LSU

Congratulations to all the VIVA Award Winners. To the nominees as well, you are all winners for having been recognized for such great talent. I am sorry I could not attend but in searching my closet I could not find anything appropriate to wear to the event.

Instead, I donned my purple and gold (actually purple and black) and headed to the Capital of Louisiana to see the beloved LSU Tigers. I stood for a moment of silence in reverence of my awe at finally being in Tiger Stadium. We had awesome seats in a small boxed in area that seated 9 people. The colors in the stadium were so vibrant and alive. Television does not do these live sporting events justice. You can feel the excitement and sizzle in the air. For the National Anthem the rockets did indeed burst in the air and I damn near came unglued since I wasn’t expecting it. Mike the Tiger was on hand for a few growls before being returned to his several million dollar habitat. That cat lives better than I! LSU won and we all left to make the long trek back to our vehicle. We had parking passes so the walk wasn’t as long as most but remind me not to wear high heeled boots next time.

I’m afraid I did not get any tailgating done. My daughter was late and we barely made it for kickoff. I’m thankful because today I don’t have a hangover to contend with or any embarrassing tailgating tales to tell.

As you can see we had great tickets and I was able to capture the first touchdown by LSU:

Once again, congrats to all the winners and nominees and next year I think we need a new category

"The Most Shallow and Superficial Journal"

...maybe I will have a chance next year :)~


caesar1958 said...


swibirun said...

Your journal IS NOT superficial.  The fact that you agonize over that fact (not to mention the guy at church with the nice butt) shows introspection and thoughtfulness.  Keep writing!


garnett109 said...

did you guy's play penn state?

sieblonde said...

Not a chance.  Next year that journal award is all mine.  ~Sie

gaboatman said...

Go Tigers!  Nice shot with your new camera!

gailmb said...

You are definitely NOT in the running for Most Shallow and Superficial Journal! You wouldn't have a link in my journal if you were shallow and superfical!!
Glad your team won. Sorry you didn't get to enjoy tail-gating!

stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, I love this Journal, and I so understand your choice in events for the evening. Keep this NON-shallow Journal alive and well. I look forward to more...