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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The radio just informed me that it will be getting extremely cold tonight and we should all bring in our pets and our plants. 

I'm thinking, for the first time in a kajillion years, I have not a one plant to my name and at one time I had about a kajillion and one.

You ask where did they go?  Guess? 

Am I upset?  Nah!  I can go home and light my fireplace without worrying about moving plants in.




garnett109 said...

Wow it was just yesterday that i was hanging out in shorts!

hadonfield78 said...

Yep its going to be cold tonight.
Get that fireplace, the hot chocolate, the cuddling blanket, and the boyfreind
and settle down for a long cold night.

thewritingbug said...

I have 12 plants now and a few years ago only had one.  Luckily my Hubby takes care of them.  One of our customers just gave us three of those big tree plants.  We're trying to give plants away, our house is so small!

globetrotter2u said...

Haah! I got so sick of moving plants in and out that one year that I just let them all die!
I missed then though, and I know you do too.
I can tell....

gailmb said...

Last week it was in the 60's here on the prairie near the coast of Iowa. This evening it's 13 and the north wind is howling. I'm thinking, in S.Louisiana, you're probably wearing your parka when it gets down to 40.......don't try to deny it. I saw people in Corpus Christi TX last January shivering in their down parkas, ski caps, and thermal mittens when the temp was 39. I laughed......

siennastarr said...

I used to own a kajillion real plants too... but, when I found out I actually had to take care of them, and that I wasn't gifted with a green thumb, they up and died.  The nerve of them?  Geesh!

So, now... I buy those expensive silk plants, and I love it.  They are green enough for me, and guess what?  They don't die! lol