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Saturday, November 5, 2005


Recently I went out to listen to a live band. I love music. It is in my soul and I love to dance as well and I dance well and I'm a well dancer...Oh dear don't get carried away Sam! Some people play instruments and make beautiful music.... I don't know what gets into me but when something moves my soul I lose myself in dance. I dance like no one’s watching. Anyway that is my expression of music since I can’t play an instrument or can’t carry a tune in a bucket. My buckets got a hole in it!

I have had the privilege of knowing many muscians in my life. Very talented muscians. One has even been on the Grand Old Opry. This entry is for him as a way of saying Happy Birthday. He is 51 today. He is a true muscian and my first true love.

I found myself in a smokey concert hall with a large crowd of people. I’m standing there listening to this awesome band belting out one great tune after another almost oblivious to everything around me. Lost in the music. Almost.

All of a sudden I catch from the corner of my eye movement to the right of me where a gentleman is standing. I try to avoid looking at what I hope is not happening. The DISEASE. I just figure if I ignore it maybe it will go away like a bad dream but as hard as I try I can still see the movements. They are becoming convulsive, jerky and spastic. I force myself to look. Oh Lord his left hand is up towards the heavens like he’s beckoning angels and his right hand is close to his stomach making motions like he's furiously obsessed with getting something off of his shirt.

I shake my head and look away but in total dismay I see to my immediate left his twin. Same DISEASE going down but different spasms. His arms are flailing about in front of him like he's fighting beasts that apparently only he can envision. His hands are performing an exorcism of some evil force like none you and I have ever seen before. His face is to the side bobbing up and down contorted in what appears to be painful agony .

Hank don't fail me now! Deliver me from this evil!

At this point I know I have entered into a possessed atmosphere because before me is yet another convulsed manic individual. This person’s neck muscles are strained to the breaking point. Veins popping out and I just know at any moment blood will spring forth from his protruding jugular. His right hand is in the air holding this imaginary object, he’s bending at the waist with his mouth wide open as he brings this imaginary object near his mouth spewing forth red faced silence.

My eyes widen as I back away from this total madness. I am no longer being entertained by real musicians but by a concert hall full of air guitarist, drummers and singers. I know the band members are on stage looking down upon this melee' wondering why the hell they even bothered showing up when before them is chockablock full of wannabees the likes of which no one has ever seen.

Okay guys...admit it...you have all done that at one time or another? If you haven’t done it in public I know you’ve stood in front of your bathroom mirror and performed live parodies. Convulsing and making those God awful faces that only a mother could love. Be a man and comment with a YES I am guilty as charged! Any woman who can admit they've done it...shame on you!

Everything is perfectly normal until you enter into a live concert and then the DISEASE becomes contagious. God help us in the South when the band strikes up "Sweet Home Alabama". Maybe it's a Southern thing. Move over Bo Bice!

I have my own variation of this DISEASE but mine is called dancing and it doesn’t look quite as mentally challenged.


hadonfield78 said...

I Love this entry. It was incredible the way you described it all. You have alot of talent for describing things. Job Well Done.

garnett109 said...

Yes I have and I don't plan on stopping,but I usually do it naked! LOL

swibirun said...

Great entry and nice entry for a friend!


thewritingbug said...

Funny entry!  I've seen those guys!

gaboatman said...

Yes, I admit it!  Great entry, LOL!

gailmb said...

LMAO!! That is most definitely a mans' disease! Excellent description!
My buckets got a hole in it, too! But, like you, I've got the music in me. Can't stop my body when the right music is playing. I LOVE that feeling!