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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Men o Pause

I think this about sums it up.....no more needs to be said.


zosche973 said...

LOL LOL ~Diane~http://journals.aol.com/dizarra/StorysFromtheCityTalesFromtheSea

siennastarr said...

I seem to only suffer with Sweaty, forgetful and psycho!  
And, of course I have my own personal summer going on quite a bit.  That's always fun.  Goes so well with Sweaty, ya know?
As for psycho?  Hmmmph.  Well,  just ask my kids.  They'll vouch for that one!

Umm... what were we talking about again?


globetrotter2u said...

The only one I am not is itchy.

Other than that the whores are a moaning....constantly!


garnett109 said...

they have a pill for each one of those dwarfs

bvaneps834 said...

yeah, know what you mean! Premarin was answer for me!

gailmb said...

You forgot  about Saggy, Baggy, and Pot-holed.......the 3 dwarfs that focus on your neck, boobs, and facial pores......


hadonfield78 said...

This is why God made women the stronger of us two.
There is not a man alive that could ever handle all of this.
I would be the first to admit, that as a man, we are the weaker sex.

luvatalaff said...

HEHE....very cute!!!!