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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Elmo's World

Mood: Adventurous

AOL doesn't have enough moods for my liking.  Where's the mood "creative"?  Is that a mood?Shouldn't that be one of the important ones?

Today I spent two hours of my day with Sesame Street Live.  They say that these shows are for children but the parents and grandparents enjoy them just as much.  And the parents need to bring the grandparents to help afford all the goodies they offer.  Can  you imagine an $8 hellium Elmo balloon?  They sell these wonderfully huge blow up deals at intermission and then inform you that you have to get them out of the view of everyone when the show begins again.  Now you have ten zillion kids crying for their Elmo balloons.  Oh the price we have to pay for Elmo!

I captured my grandson with the background of the show.  And wouldn't you know that Sesame Street has to try to compete with Barney?  They have a green dinosaur that dances and sings as cornily as the purple dude.  Here he is!


and the entire cast and crew:


Gosh, aren't you all glad I shared this with you?  Life is complete now.


garnett109 said...

At least you can cook big bird for turkey day

siennastarr said...

I wish I could spend time like that with my grandson... <sigh>  but... I can't, so it's fun to read about you and yours, and live vicariosly through you!! :)


gailmb said...

I bet you're gonna be dreaming in primary colors tonight!
Glad you had a good time with the grandson (what beautiful baby blues!).

globetrotter2u said...

Amazing that you were able to capture these fabulous pictures inside a theatre!
I'm very impressed!
AOL doesn't have a lot of things to people's liking! I agree that we should be able to type in our own moods. I get sick to death of saying that I'm 'chillin'...

siennastarr said...

This is too weird.  I know I already saw this entry.  I know because I commented on it the other day.  So.... why, or why, am I getting another alert a day or two after you wrote this entry??  

Oh, that's right... It's AOL..  
They're weird... not me! hee