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Sunday, September 4, 2005

They've Gone and left me!

Here I am alone again in this house of mine.  The evacuees have left to return home.  Electricity was restored today for them. I'm happy that they can return to some normalcy.  My grandson didn't seem too pleased to be leaving.  He just loves being at his Nammy's house.  Of course Nammy spoils him so why wouldn't he want to stay here?

I went to mass tonight and thanked God for all I have.  I pray that all of the people affected by the storm will soon find some peace.  I do believe a lot of them will eventually see this as a blessing.  Some of them have never been out of New Orleans and the poverty stricken area they lived in. Perhaps this will be a chance for a new and better life for them?  Sometimes we have to sink to the depths of despair before we can rise up to the heights of blissfullness.  I've often said thank God for the bad days so we can appreciate the good ones!

And of course you would know that a bar has already re-opened on Bourbon Street.  That boggles the mind...  Drinking by candlelight..goes to show you that you can't keep the spirit down for too long...no pun intended!

N'Awlins will be back stronger and better with just a little more history added to it and I can't wait to eat a beignet at Cafe Dummond. 

God rest the souls who didn't make it...may they be in heaven looking down upon us with a smile.

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