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Friday, September 23, 2005

Ridin' the storm out.

This will probably be my last entry for awhile. 

The winds are picking up pretty steadily.  And the lights are flickering so the electricity will be leaving me pretty soon.

Limbs are flying everywhere.  (that's what I'll be floating out of here on...LOL)  I don't believe it will be as bad as originally predicted but we are being very cautious and staying away from windows. 

I have a nice big attic....it's not air conditioned but it's even got old mattresses for us to recline on.  I jest you...not about the mattresses and big attic but I jest about actually needing to do that.  We are on very high ground where I am and the police department  is a hop skip and jump from my house so I feel safe with the law enforcement right there ready to sweep me off whatever tree I float by on. 

When this is all over I will be bringing you live shots from my very fuzzy wonderfully great camera phone. Well it will probably be about a week from now when they restore power.

I'm not taking this lightly but you have to find humor somewhere since we didn't have anywhere to go.  My daughter is already out of electricity.  They already had compromised equipment from Katrina.  WE WILL SURVIVE.

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

And anyone in the mood to help me clean up after this mess...come on down!  LOL



stupidsheetguy said...

I'm with you every step of the way here. good luck, and come back safe and sound. And soon.


caesar1958 said...

Hey....I'll help you clean up over there....if you come over here and help me clean up.....LOL