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Friday, September 9, 2005

Horizontal Horizons

I’m going to play the little horizons game that Sam has created for us and Jimmy was so kind to start last night. In doing so I must tell you that the digital camera was something I did not get in the divorce settlement so being the resourceful person I am I created havoc on the highways and byways using my camera phone. I was pointing and shooting my way down the roads at 7 AM this morning. I just know that everyone thought I was an alien who didn’t know how to talk on a phone. These photo’s are not good but I had fun and regardless I will have fun making this entry. I had a video entry but have no clue how to do those so the Polyester Power Hour video entry will have to go untold.

My first shot approaching the first big city is the sun rising in the East (that is where it rises? Eh?) Yeah cause I’m headed in a northerly direction and the sun peeks at me from my right passenger window therefore that would be East.

Passing through the first big city *snicker* I take a picture of one of the 20 bars/nightclubs that I get the privilege of rolling by. I know the picture is a bit shady but it does the nightclub justice. No it is not open at this un-God-ly hour but the lights are flashing to remind us that it will be open shortly.

After cruising through this one horse town I am headed for the really big city of Lafayette and below is a picture of the first traffic I encounter. This is the reason I have to leave an hour early every morning. Katrina has added an additional 20 minutes to my morning trip with the more than 10,000 extra people we have here.

Now it’s is 7:33 and I"m half way to work.  Yeah I drive a Saturn.  It's red..I call it my Red Planet.


And what the hell is this?


Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about my drive-thru liquor stop before getting to work...after all IT IS FRIDAY.


gaboatman said...

This is great!  Thanks for playing and having some fun with me.  I'll be posting a link to this entry.  You definately got the spirit of this game down pat.

stupidsheetguy said...

It looks like you captured the essence of the game with your post. I like the imaginative pictures that you took. Thanks for playing along.


hewasolddog299 said...

LOL, nice job, kiddo. Sorry to hear the commute time is all blown to hell. Things could be worse (rueful grin)...

PS I do envy your CD player -- the wife got a bloody tape player in hers!