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Friday, September 30, 2005


I'm home alone for the first time in over a week. 

Everyone vacated to my aunt's house to eat gumbo. Yes, gumbo, the cure for all ills in Southern Louisiana.   

I opted out to enjoy the freedom of being alone. And it's nice. 

No one lurking over my shoulders to see what I'm doing online.  I swear to you when I get home everyone flocks to me.  Wherever I go..there they are.  The only place I have privacy is in my room. 

They have confiscated the living room, the bathroom, my backyard swing...

I have 4 cats in residence too.  They belong to my nephew and his girlfriend who are also residing here.  I am not a cat lover but in the face of disaster I have adjusted.  The only thing that bothers me is them getting on my furniture but how do you keep them off?

Yesterday I made a major mistake.  I opened a can of tuna for dinner and within seconds I had four cats attacking me.  They were talkin' some chit to me....wantin' sum of dat stuff!  No more tuna for me until the felines are gone.

My brother has been steadily drunk since he's been here.  He does not have the discipline of a job to keep him sober these days.  I have about reached the end of my rope with him.  Nothing like the intelligence of a drunk to keep the conversation going...By the way did you guys know that if you sip beer slowly you will not get liver damage?  Yep...straight from the mouth of my brother. 

Please do not get me wrong..I like having a drink too.  Well actually I have been known to indulge.  Oh yeah...I've indulged.  LOL

My dad is such a saint...he puts up with them on a daily basis since both of my brothers live right next door to him in their travel trailer and my mother lives with him... Yessiree...a SAINT.   By the way, if I didn't mention it before, all of their homes survived Rita which means as soon as utilities are restored (estimated 1 month) they will be heading west.

My mother...another story ...but we can't coexist together for any length of time and now she is at her sister's house.  She lasted with me until the day after the hurricane.  My dad, the Saint, told me yesterday that after being away from her for a while it's going to be difficult to get back into the groove of being with her again.  I think my aunt has had a full daily dose too.   I love my mother but I have to admit I don't like her.  I respect her ...well that's stretching it...I semi-respect her. 

Okay I could go on forever about her but I will stop while you guys still think I'm a nice person. LOL


stupidsheetguy said...

The daily and weekly and monthly travails...it all makes "alone time" that much more welcome and appreciated. Enjoy your time. Life will be waiting!


caesar1958 said...

Hey.....I know what you're talking about.  My electricity came on way before anyone else when Katrina came through.  So......I had the crowd here.  It was ok for awhile....but when you're accustomed to living alone........wellllll.  For now...it's just me and my grand-dogger (my daughter's toy yorkie)....and he's my bud....Anyway.....good luck over there....power may come back sooner than you think!!!!!!

P.S.......I'd kill for a bowl of seafood gumbo right now!!!!!