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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well I'm sittin' here with my lil man waiting on LSU to start there game. Go LSU!!!  Somehow I'm gonna be a little lost watching football without a certain someone in my life but like everything else...I will survive.  Nothing like lying on the sofa with your head on someone's shoulder watching a football game.

Matthew is such a riot! He loves football and his stepdad is the assistant coach for the #1 high school team in Louisiana right now so he sees a lot of football.  We are getting back from mass just now and I am getting him out of his car seat and he sees my small ice chest and picks it up. 

I tell him "No sweetie...leave it here"

He says "Nammy I bring it in the house and sit on it to watch football."

What a man!  I guess he has seen them sit on the ice chests at games.  LOL

Here he is with his "beer" juice and sitting on his ice chest patiently waiting.  I just love that lil bugger!  He is the light of my life and such an angel.  I need a digital camera...this phone camera sucks!


I'll leave you guys with the lyrics of a song I heard on a local radio station www.kbon.com  Plays all the cajun, swamp pop and zyedeco music. 

A two liner Zyedeco song:  I damned near choked  laughing when I heard it.

Some one stole my chicken

It was a cookin' in the kitchen

Gotta love it!


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