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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Premeditated Murder

When my son-in-law married my daughter he took my grandson (and her) 2 hours away from me. My grandson is the light of my life.  A child I saw daily until they married.  Now I see him perhaps every two weeks.  A big adjustment for me but I made it.

My son-in-law is an Assistant Coach and aspires to be a Head Coach and he has a chance of that happening for him in Farmerfuckingville, Louisiana which is 5 flipp'n hours  away from me. Farmerville?  What is wrong with Abbeville?  Can you say murder?  Can you say, I don't think this is an adjustment I can or want to make?

I've been saving my big time prayers for something big....and this is a biggie because I'm going to need to pray to keep myself out of jail if he decides to take this job.


mosie1944 said...

A married man does have to consider his career.  The first time my son went to Germany with my first grandchild, aged 7 months (I'd been babysitting him daily while his mom worked) I felt as though my heart had been ripped out of me.  Even now, my son is in Georgia with my youngest grandchild (aged 5).  

Five hours away isn't that bad... you could leave on a Friday night and spend the whole weekend there.  If the child is over six months old, he won't forget you.  And you can have fun sending him care packages.  I used to write letters to my grandchildren in Germany (and later Texas or Georgia) cutting pictures out of magazines to illustrate.  And once they could talk, the telephone was a gift from God.

Pray for God's will for everyone involved, and He'll see you all through.

sangrialel said...

I will say prayers for you!  I would so hate to be away from my grandson!  Lelly

swibirun said...

I hope it all works out the best for everyone concerned.  I know it is very tough to deal with, for you, trying to be positive but also trying to keep the family together.


garnett109 said...

We all have our different veiws on things ,I don't think he did this intentionally , If it is a great job and he can take care of his family Hurrah for him,5 hours is along distance, I wish some times my Family was that far away! Hope you can adjust to the empty house! lots of luck friend !

queeniemart said...

Though i dont yet have grandkids i would feel the same. They feel they have to move to get what they want and all you want is to hold your grandbaby!! I hope it works out to your favor.

siennastarr said...

Oh... man... I know that is just killing you inside.  Your grandson is your life, and let's just hope SIL doesn't move that far away!

I'll pray right along with you!


blondepennierae said...

OMG I know how it would effect me.  My DIL handed me my grandson when he was born and told me she didn't want him.  If someone took him away I would probably fade away.  Sooooooo I'm not a good one to come to if you need help preventing a jail term.  I'd probably by there with you as an accessory.  LOL  Merry Christmas, Pennie

luvatalaff said...

Farmerfuckingville....is that near .......is that anywhere near Bumfuck?

zosche973 said...

At least you see him-period! Count your blessings.~Diane~

hadonfield78 said...

I dont have grandchildren yet. But if I did, I would understand totally how you feel. I couldnt "adjust" to them being that far away.
Any Judge who is a Grand Parent would understand and just give ya a pardon.