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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Accidental Stupidity

Not only does it thunder when it rains, but idiots come out in the rain. Normal upstanding people become stupid when it rains. I just experienced stupidity at its finest.

What should have been a nice 45 minute ride home from work this afternoon turned into trip from hell. Throw in Christmas traffic and you have a nightmare on your hands.

Idiot #1: Baseball Jones decides he is going to skid/slide through the yellow light into oncoming traffic. He forgot that Pin Hook Road was not a baseball diamond and the yellow orb he was seeing was a traffic light and not a baseball.

Idiot #2: Faithful Frolicker was on a bicycle in the left turn lane going the wrong way. The only thing saving his happy ass was his faith in God and my strong desire, at all cost, to avoid another delay getting home .

Idiot #3: Tailgate Tuddy thought she was going to an LSU game. She got a little too tailgate happy and rammed herself into the truck ahead of her. Hey honey, that was not a drive thru margarita stop. You missed it about a mile back, or maybe you stopped, and thats the whole problem.

Idiot #4: Open Door Dora had a flat tire. Not a problem except she doesn’t close her door when she removes her carcass from the vehicle making everyone have to go around the car door. Shes steadily running her mouth to someone on the cell phone whilst leaning against the OPEN door.

Idiot #5: Kayak Karl forgot to secure his kayak firmly to the top of his van. Guess he was getting prepared for another flooding and a quick exit out of Louisiana.

What happened to people staying home and accidently conceiving during rainstorms?


mosie1944 said...

Oh, I gotta read this to my husband in the morning.  You are a woman after his heart.

garnett109 said...

Hey at least they are not iceskating like we are up here!

gailmb said...

Add a foot of snow to that and you have prime-time driving in Minnesota.....except the guy with the kayak would have been toting snowboards instead. And, yes, there are people who ride a bicycle even in the winter....even when it's snowing.
There's idiots everywhere!!

siennastarr said...

Don't even get ME started on crazy drivers!  I have a list a mile long!  I'll have to write about the time I actually hit a bicyclist who pretty much chased my car down just begging me to hit him!  I'm serious!