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Sunday, December 4, 2005

My first date

from: Robert To: Sam Date received: December 2, 2005 Subject:  RE: (no subject)

No, I'm not nervous. It's just you. Hahaha Ok, maybe a little. Honey, I'm sure the food will be great and you will also. You must understand something. I'm already impressed with you. You don't have to worry about being anything more than who you are and I understand what being nervous does to a person. It makes us act differently than we would normally act. It's just nervousness, that's all. In time you will be able to be yourself. Let's take it one step at a time. Shall we dance?



Yes, we danced and oh my God....I am smitten, bitten, and so impressed with this man's strong moral character. His beliefs and  respect for a woman is so evident in everything he does.

I am not jumping the gun and I'm being very cautious.  If all that we become is friends then I will be satisfied because he will make a fabulous friend to have around.

Even though our first date consisted of watching LSU lose to Georgia, I consider our first date as a success and I wanted to share my excitement with J-land. 

It's been a long year for me...


gailmb said...

OMG!! Hubba, hubba!!
Strong jawline!! Gorgeous dark hair!! Bet you were afraid to post a whole body shot because women all over cyberspace would be passing out with jealousy!! And he dances and has a strong moral character!!!!
You must have died and gone to heaven because there are no men like that here on earth!!!
Just color me green......

siennastarr said...

Woo HOoo!  What a hottie, sistah twin o mine!  I am so happy for you!  Just remain cautious but open.  Everything is new, and you know how that goes.  WE always put our best foot forward to make a good impression.
So far, though, he sounds like a winner!  Keep us informed!!


Jackie :)

garnett109 said...

hope everything works out for you!

zosche973 said...

He's good looking too! hope things work out for you, we all need somebody to love.~Diane~

rgwindland said...

Woo hoo! What a  hottie. Have fun!! Rhonda

swibirun said...

Wow, he seems like a great guy and he's awfully attractive too.  What?  You girls can say another girl is beautiful......  ha ha

We are so happy for you!  But he shouldn't have bitten you on a first date....I think only nibbles at that point:)


ccancu said...

Wow!  He is just too hot for winter!!!  I'm so happy . . .  but only time will tell as with all things.