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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fickle Pickle

You know that word that starts with an "F" and rhymes with Pickle? Well that would be an apt description of me. Some have inquired how my new relationship is going. We can say it's going, going, gone.

I hope you didn’t blink because if you did, you missed it!

Something was missing. We went from never actually having an official "date" to having a "family". We were not afforded an opportunity to become one before we became 3, 4 and 5. I believe family is very important, and should definitely be entered into the mix, but I also feel you need to establish your own bonds before adding anything else.

I found myself, two weekends in a row (keep in mind, I've only known him 3 weekends) cleaning and picking up after everyone in my house. I was feeling a bit of resentment Sunday night at 10 pm when they were still here and he was wondering "what was wrong?". I smiled my normal gracious smile and snarled "nothing that your leaving wouldn’t cure".

Of course it wasn't just about that. I could actually deal with that. Retrain the brains is what I do best. Look what a great job I did during Rita with my family?

We really had very little in common. I love to dance, he doesn't dance. I love football, he is disinterested in it, I love music and concerts, he didn't. We didn't even agree on the same kind of movies. We ran out of things to talk about very quickly.

Okay, am I upset about it? Yes, because he appeared to be a dream come true and he was a dream but not for me. He was a good and wonderful man with beautiful children but I think we jumped too soon into a comfy relationship and call me selfish but I like being romanced.

Also, I have been taught a lesson, I will not rant or rave in my journal about a man in my life until we are good and married. I hate having to recant all my rants. It's quite embarrasing, but I'm being a woman about it. I could have just let this little thing go by without mentioning it, but since I made such a hoorah ha ha  about it, I feel you are all due some explanation. We were all in this together.

PS: For those of you who wondered if the pair I sent him were of his liking...they were.


mosie1944 said...

I agree.  I'm very much married, have been for almost 40 years.  But if I weren't, and developed a relationship... I wouldn't mention it in my journal.  I've seen that turn out badly too many times.  Next time, keep it under your hat.

gailmb said...

  I'm sorry this one didn't turn into Mr.Right, but don't stop telling us about your prospects!! It was fun for us while it lasted, too. I enjoyed the giddiness, the photos, and the updates. There's nothing wrong with getting all giddy about a new (HOT) guy in your life! We're all human and we understand that feeling (even though it's been over 36 years since I've had a HOT prospect!! LOL).
  You just keep right on getting all hot and bothered and hopeful, and keep your friends updated! We're here to share your joys AND your sorrows.
  Maybe we need to hit that drive-thru margarita place right about now......

sieblonde said...

Dating.  It's supposed to be fun.    I hope you find that again.  I hope I do too...lol.   ~Sie  http://persnicketypfft.blogspot.com/

hadonfield78 said...

I am sorry that it didnt work out. He sounded so good for you. But your right, it got too "family", too soon.
Every women needs romance, a chance to feel like a woman, and not just a wife and mother.
Heres a toast, hoping soon you will meet the right one..........

sangrialel said...

I like being romanced too!  We deserve it!  Lelly

garnett109 said...

So sorry it did'nt work out ! hope u find mr. right but becareeful when shopping!

saleenm98 said...

Hey, totally understand your being careful about your rants.  I started my journal b/c of man (and his ex) problems.  Now that I've grown a lot, I had to go back and delete those entries; unfortunately, all those encouraging comments went with it.


swibirun said...

Well crap.  I was hoping this was a good one.  Well, there's always Mr. Nice Butt at mass:)


zosche973 said...

Ahhh.....too bad hon, but there are more where that came from! lol No, really,
you have to have the same interest's, or what's the point? Don't worry, your time will come....don't rush it; love your hearts! ~Diane~

siennastarr said...

Hey!  Don't apologize for thinking he was 'the one' in the beginning!  I think everyone does that.  You meet someone, you hit it off, and it "appears" as if you have met your soul mate.  After a while thought, he just starts eating at your soul, and you quickly realize that if he sounds to good to be true (even to your own ears) then he probably is.   I agree with you about not trying to take a new relationship directly to the family level, right off the bat.  That should come later, once you both have decided that you really do have a lot in common, and it's not just a case of rose colored glasses.

Keep looking....  he's out there somewhere! :)


luvatalaff said...

wow you guys jumped through years of relationship crap in a short time.....now that`s speed dating!

papisangel04 said...


I think its always great to talk about your feelings. Even if they may change in time its healthy. We all go through it you feel like he may be the one and to your surprise he's quite the opposite of what you thought. Well look at it this way you found out before anything REAL started. Thats always good

Josie V