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Friday, December 30, 2005

In all my Weirdness

I have been tagged by both StupidSheetGuy and Hadonfield Myers to name 5 weird things about myself. I'm going to have to make these up because I don’t have a weird bone in my body.

1. My mouth is always moving and I'm not talking. Not a real weird thing in itself but 8 years ago I quit smoking and I now I have the habit of chewing gum. That isn't even weird, but if I don't have something in my mouth to chew on at all times, I end up chewing whatever is available inside my mouth, be it my tongue, my lips, or the side of my mouth.

2. The taste of water gags me so I've become an ice connoisseur. I eat at least a bag of ice a day. My favorite ice being the kind that is oblong with a hole in the middle. (Okay! I know I'm weird, but you asked for it!) I think this weirdness could also be in line with #1 since my mouth moves in this endeavor as well, but I choose to see it as different weirdness.

3. I love to rub a man's stomach. I have a stomach fetish. It relaxes me, but unfortunately it has the opposite affect on the man.

4. I am a Cajun, and I live amongst many Cajuns, but even they would find it weird that I listen to really bad Cajun music in my car. I am tuned in to www.kbon.com and most of the music is so bad, I have to laugh and people driving along next to me, assuredly, think I’ve lost my mind.

5. Last, but not least, I hate door knobs in public restroom and even in not so public restrooms. (Do you guys realize how many people don't wash their hands and use the door knobs immediately after doing their business?) I can enter any bathroom and never touch a thing. I'm always armed with paper towels or something other than my bare hands. GermX is a staple in my purse.

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gailmb said...

RATS!! I tagged you in my journal, but I ate lunch before trying to notify you and two others beat me to the punch!! Oh, well, at least we can now see that you're just as weird as the rest of us! 'Cept that chewing ice thing! Ow. Makes my fillings hurt just thinking about it!!!

garnett109 said...

Thanks kid  for that game of tag! Hope my entry pleases your thirst of cruelity!

siennastarr said...

Well, heck, Sharlene.. I tagged you, before I read this, because someone else tagged me! lol   Oh, well!  Come read my weird answers! lol


swibirun said...

Oh snap.....tagged again.  Oh well....I'll just have to come up with 5 more weird things or perhaps I should start 5 new weird habits:)

I'll get to this today:)

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poppypress said...

Hi Like your journal. Found it through Stupidsheet guy.  If you have time could you tell me what tagging is?

luvatalaff said...

i got tagged by Gail and you both........and I can`t really blame you on the door knob thing...... people are pigs damn it!!!!!! and I chew on everything too......I can`t tell you how many pens I`ve ruined just sitting around by the computer!!!!

stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, #5 isn't weird at all. I've seen one too many exposés on the news about people's bathroom habits to be comfortable touching too much in a public bathroom.

Now stop chewing your lips...


hadonfield78 said...

Not trying to be a smart alec...........
But I have never heard Cajun Music.................
can CD's be bought of it ??
It sounds interesting.
Can you dance to it ?