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Monday, December 12, 2005

Cheesy Fetishes

I find myself in quite a quandary.

It seems my newfound friend has a fetish. Of course, all men, women and children, have a fetish of some sort, but I do not know if I can help this man with his. I have been asked to do many things in my life, but this one is a first.

Please do not get me wrong, I have had men who have had a liking to these, but never to the extent that they would request a picture of them. I realized, if I sent a picture and they were not to his liking, that it could well be the end of the relationship.

I searched the net for the perfect pair to send him because, naturally, I did not feel mine were adequate for someone with such a strong attraction to them.

After searching endlessly for the perfect pair, it dawned upon me that if I sent him a false pair, I would have to keep mine hidden for the duration of our relationship. My mind continued processing this information and I quickly came to the realization that I would have to send him the real deal. It would be impossible to hide that dishonesty for any length of time.

I bit the bullet, took out the digital camera and propped my pair upon the table, snapped the picture and off to cyber land it went. It does not bode well for me, I have heard nary a word from him. He’s either transfixed in lust over them or passed out in disgust.

Isn’t there a fine line between lust and disgust?




sieblonde said...

a foot fetish?   are you serious?  I'd keep asking then...  feet are ususally the tip of the fetish iceburg then...

gailmb said...

You really should have put that photo at the TOP of the posting because you me all concerned about your new beau and the possibility that he's some kind of cyber-pervert who woos unsuspecting women until they.....well, I'm not going any further because it's getting awfully warm in here and I think you get my drift anyway.
So glad to hear that he's just a minor perv......


garnett109 said...

and we are all wondering what fetish you are hiding?

siennastarr said...

I just knew you were talking about feet!  And, you have very pretty ones! :)

I personally don't see what the big deal about feet is.. but like you said, we all have our fetishes.. :P


mosie1944 said...

LOL!  If my relationship depended on the beauty of my feet, I'd be out of luck.  I had all my toenails permanently removed 2 years ago because of nail fungus, my feet are so flat I have to wear orthotics, and my feet are just downright ugly.  Thank God the "pair" my husband has always been obsessed with is NOT my feet.

swibirun said...

Oh my god this was funny:)  I was really scared to read on after the second paragraph.  I never got this fetish but to each his own I guess.

Ummmm Nice toenail polish?


rgwindland said...

LOL, had me worried there! Rhonda

justjazzie34 said...

Hi! I just read this entry and thought it was hysterical! As I began reading, I was so curious to see what the mysterious "pair" was but I couldn't bring myself to cheat and read the bottom. You had my attention and interest the whole time, I thought it was great! Loving your so-called "simple" blog. Check mine out as well...http://journals.aol.com/justjazzie34/JazziesPlace/

Happy BLogging,

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