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Saturday, July 30, 2005

A new job

Anyone out there want to hire me?  Yesterday for the first time in my entire career (25 years) I got an official in my file warning for making a mistake.  I am not here to complain because I did make the error and I have gotten over the fact that I am not perfect.  Damn that was a hard thing for me to realize!  I also accomplished something else with this little warning I lost all fears of being thought of as not as good at my job as I thought I was.  I realized that maybe I am not suited for accounting any longer.  I am bored with it and most of all bored with the company I work with.  First of all I'm a fun-loving and a joking person.  Absolutely no one jokes or has fun at this place.  It has been a big adjustment for me to work there and not joke around.  When my supervisor brought my little warning notice to be signed I had a little tete'-a-tete' with her telling her that I would be searching for another job because I was not suited for their environment.  I explained to her how trying it was for me to always be so serious when this is not my character.  Her come back was if we joked around we would never get any work done.  This floored me because I believe that if morale were higher more work would be accomplished and people would want to be there.   As mature adults I do believe we know how and when to joke around.  She said this was better place to work because a place she worked prior to this one there was a lot of offensiveness... farting and belching.   I told her I could stand to hear a little fartin' and belchin'...At least I'd feel like I worked with humans.

By the way..the suggestion and solution I gave for correcting the possibility of another error like that one happening was not even acknowledged by either one of them. Probably was the reason I got a warning because I had the audacity to speak my mind.  That is another reason I am leaving because I am not going to work for a company that doesn't have enough respect to at least acknowledge a suggestion.  I wasn't expecting it to be implemented but at least a mere "I respect your suggestion but go to hell" would have been preferable to nothing.

Enough of that...I' m off to do something more exciting...like mow the lawn.

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