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Friday, July 15, 2005


I am sitting at work on this fine Friday afternoon bored to tears as usual. Efficiency breeds boredom. Ignorance is bliss too.   I have a headache and this reminds me of a story about my second husband (Mark) God rest his soul.  I’m sure before this journal is complete you will hear many stories about my husbands.  I promise to always try to keep it nice and only reveal the good.  Mark was the kind of person you either loved or hated.  I have always described him as a person who walks into a room and you hold your breath and you only release it upon his leaving.  He was like a world wind.  Lots of swiggly lines with no direction.  Anyway one day we are sitting at our dining room table looking out upon the patio.  We are on the subject of headaches because he has been having severe headaches that caused him terrible pain.  I am listening to him compassionately when he tells me they must be “migrating” headaches.  My eyes widen and it takes all I  have within me not to burst out laughing.  I, being who I am, must pick and poke at this situation I have before me.

I ask him “Mark please tell me exactly where this headache is going?”

He replies, “huh?”

I say, “if it’s migrating it must be going somewhere”


 I have these deliriously crazy ideas going on in my head.  If birds migrate to the South in the winter do headaches migrate South to the toes?


I say, “Mark!  When your headache migrates does it affect your toes?”


At this point he is totally frustrated with my lack of understanding.  Poor darling I never did have the heart to tell him any different but I sure always had such a fun time telling the story.  He later of course had a deviated septum and his migraines really did migrate away from his head.


pudge450 said...

Too funny about your ex.  My husband has a way with the English language.  He just makes up words.  He doesn't know he made them up and gets really annoyed that you have no idea what he is talking about.  Also, sometimes he runs across a word he particularly likes; so, he uses it in every conceivable way except in its true meaning.  He is no dummy.... owner and president of a manufacturing company we started ourselves.
He also loves punctuation - every little dot, squiggle, dash, quotation, comma, exclaimation - well you get the idea.  He uses them to excess.  His secretary has strict orders (from me) to proof everything he writes.  And don't even get me started on his spelling........

thisismis72 said...

lol X husbands I ran into mine the other day, so I put it in reverse and ran over him again.