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Sunday, July 24, 2005

shirtless men

I know it's acceptable for a man to choose not to wear a shirt but when I am downtown minding my own business going home in the Friday afternoon traffic and I look to my right and see a man sitting on the front steps of his trailer with a can of beer and a huge beer gut overflowing from his pants it is very offensive to me.  I find it very disturbing that someone would actually think I want to see this.  Even if the man had a 6 pack I would still find it unappealing.  You expect to see this in the country but in the middle of town with the 5pm traffic flowing by?  Although it is acceptable something in me finds it not very respectful to the eyes of a woman.  I had an uncle and also my father who absolutely never went without a shirt in front of a lady unless of course it was on a beach.  Somewhere and somehow someone taught them manners and I am very grateful for that because growing up and even now I would have hated to invite a friend over and have my dad walking around with no shirt on.

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